Your Love Is My Weapon

Chapter 1 One-Night-Stand

Love is never the excuse to hurt people.

When Arya Harrison was pressed down on the bed by the man, she was still wondering what was actually going on.

Earlier, she was at home, quarreling with her father and her stepmother because they forced her to marry a man she had never met before.

'But why the hell am I here?

Estella could feel the man's hot and strong body.
However, she was not willing to give her V card to a strange man. Under the dim light, she was even not clear about his appearance.

But the man didn't give her much time to think.
He held her tightly to release his desire.

"Do you have any idea how much I want you, Luna?

'Luna, Luna who?
Sir, could you please show some respect to the woman you sleep with, at least don't call another woman's name!' Estella couldn't help but complain.

Although she professed to be a tough girl, she cried when she felt the man was into her body.
She couldn't believe that she had just given her first time to a strange man, who kept calling that Luna!

After a long night...

Arya could not recall when she fell asleep.
However, when she woke up, the man was still asleep with his face buried in the pillow. She didn't dare to go nearer to check what he looked like.

She felt embarrassed and angry, so she sat up, got dressed, and left the room quickly.

Looking up, from the mirror in the corridor, she saw herself like a drowned rat.

Just as she was at a loss for what happened and what to do, Harriet and Estella came slowly from the end of the corridor.
They didn't look surprised at all. They were even glad to see Arya being like this.

'It's been one of those days!
Why are they here? At this time?'

Immediately, Arya understood what was going on here.

They set her up.

No wonder that although she was sober, she couldn't push the man away.

Three months ago, Estella went to visit her father with Marshal and Harriet, twins who were one year younger than her.

Her stepmother Estella claimed that the twins were her father's, and her father didn't deny it.
He even said that Arya's biological mother didn't give him a son. In order to prevent the 'bloodline' of the Harrison Family from coming to an end, he got Estella pregnant, while Estella gave birth to a 'precious' boy. How ridiculous!

Her mother was devastated.
Her husband had cheated and betrayed her for nearly 20 years. The depth of humiliation and despair engulfed her, so she jumped from the 16th floor of a building.

It was only less than a hundred days after the funeral that her father and stepmother forced her to marry someone she had never met.
She didn't agree, so they set her up. Arya had to admire that they were real 'genius'.

The more she thought about it, the colder she felt.

"Sister, congratulations.
You're getting married." Harriet looked at her and smiled smugly.

On the contrary, Arya said indifferently, "No way.

"But, dear, you have already slept with your future husband.
" Estella glanced at Arya disdainfully, as if she was something dirty.

It was like one more look would harm her eyes.

While Arya shuddered and she felt her body was torn apart.

'The man was the one with whom they want me to marry?
That pot-bellied, bald, greasy, and lewd old man? You gotta be kidding me.'

All of a sudden, Arya knew everything.
That man was Mr. Fisher, the man who could invest money in her father's construction material company. So they threw her to the man's bed in order to save the dying company. 

Arya was furious.
She was not a tool for the Harrison Family.

"Sister, what's wrong with you?
You should be happy. Why are you looking so pale?" Harriet deliberately provoked.
She thought her plan went well.
After Arya married that stupid old man, she would be the only daughter of the Harrison Family. After all, Arya had lived a good life in the Harrison Family for 19 years, and it is time for her to leave.

Thinking about it, she felt refreshed.

"Be smart, kid.
Don't be like your mother, who can't even keep a man. You should serve Mr. Fisher well. Although he's old, he will definitely love you. Let's go. Your father is waiting at home. We need to choose a good date for your wedding." Estella signaled the butler to take Arya back.

Arya looked at them despicably, and all the hatred in her heart gushed out from her heart.
She raised her hand and slapped on her evil stepmother's face.

She had long wanted to slap her.
If it weren't for Estella, how could her mother have died? She was a murderer!

"I won't marry that man.
Never! I will never let your plan work." Arya screamed hysterically at them and turned to run away.
However, the butler found out first and grabbed her arm.
Arya felt that it was really funny that even the butler of the Harrison Family was in collusion. She tried to shake off his hand, kicking his legs. 

After the death of her mother, she built up a wall in her heart.
She was never a weak woman. She could only be weak in front of her beloved ones. 

Seeing that she wanted to run, Estella also came to grab Arya.

She was alone, no match for the three of them.
In the end, she was taken back.

Richard Harrison, her father, was sitting on the sofa in the living room with Mr.
Fisher beside him. They looked gloomy.
Estella didn't seem to notice that and went forward.
"Mr. Fisher, what's the feeling of sleeping with Arya?"

Her words reminded Arya of the one-night-stand she had with the man.
She was outrageous. If she was given a blade now, she would definitely rush over and stab all of them to death. They deserved it.

Fisher's ugly face turned to be more ferocious. "I had waited in the room all night, but she didn't come. Do you think it's funny to kid me?"

Hearing his words, Estella froze.

Fisher, you can't deny it. Look at the marks on her body."

Estella tried to explain it.
She wanted to prove that it was Mr. Fisher who was being dishonest and broke the promise.

Fisher stood up and shouted, "You should ask her! Don't expect me to invest money to save your company! Your company is dead!" After that, he left angrily.

Finally, Estella realized that something went wrong.
Otherwise, Mr. Fisher wouldn't be so angry. After all, he liked Arya very much.

Arya was also confused.

'He had waited for me the whole night?
I knew it wasn't him. The man last night has a good figure, instead of a large beer belly. But who is he?'

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