Chapter 4 For the Baby

She opened her mouth and bit the hand of the female prisoner who was covering her mouth. She screamed out of pain and slapped her.

Arya tilted her head. It really hurt, but she didn't care. She just wanted to save the baby in her belly and shouted, "Help. Help... Somebody help..."

"B*tch!" The leading female prisoner covered Arya's mouth again. She did not dare to make things public. So she ordered the other two people, "Hand me the dagger under my pillow."

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open. Shocked and terrified, they stopped immediately and looked at the guards.

"What are you doing?" Hearing the guards' voice, they quickly squatted in the corner with their hands folded around their heads.

"Save my child, please!" Arya, who was covered in blood, lay on the cold ground. She held one of the guards' trousers, pleading.

Seeing her in a mess, the security guards were also afraid. If this thing was not handled well, they would probably have trouble.

One of the guards looked at her with pity. He whispered to the other guard, "Take her to the hospital. If she dies, we will be punished."

At this moment, it was raining heavily in W City.

Arya lay in the operating room. Her lower abdomen ached so much that she didn't even have the strength to move. But she still held the doctor's sleeve tightly and pleaded, "Please save my child."

"We will try our best."

Waves of pain made her sweat heavily. It took her ten hours to give birth to the baby. The moment she heard the baby cry, her desperate heart seemed to recover in an instant.

But at this moment, she suddenly felt a large stream of warm liquid flowing out of her lower abdomen.

"She's bleeding. Hurry up."

Those were the last words she heard before blacking out.

She tried her best to reach out to the crying child nearby, but she failed.

Twenty-four hours later, Arya was pushed out of the OR.

The door of the ward was pushed open and the nurse came in with a tray. Arya slowly opened her eyes and covered her lower abdomen with her hand. It was already flat. She turned to look at the nurse who had changed the IV drip and said in a hoarse voice, "Where's my baby?"

"Sorry, Ma'am. The baby died and its body had been sent away."


"Excuse me? Are you sure? My child was born alive. I heard the crying."

"We won't lie to you. The child only lived for 12 hours, and you were unconscious for 24 hours. Sorry for your loss."

Arya felt breathless. The deep pain in her heart almost made her unable to breathe. She shook her head desperately. She didn't believe that.

"Impossible! How could my child die? You're lying to me." Arya suddenly sat up from the bed, but she was weak and unstable, so she fell off the bed. In an instant, a large amount of blood oozed from her wound. Arya grabbed the nurse's clothes and pleaded, "Please, give my baby back. I'll just take a look. Please, let me see my child. Please."

The nurse hurriedly called for the doctor and pressed her wound to stop the bleeding. In the end, in her almost desperate eyes, the nurse replied indifferently, "I'm sorry, but we've tried our best."

After that, the nurse walked out.

Arya did not say a word. She was silent and felt angry and helpless. Her hands were clenched into fists. Tears fell from her eyes, wetting her hair. She bit her lip tightly and soon she tasted blood. She was so painful and heartbroken. She would rather trade her own life for her child's life.

Now she was alone again.

Like a walking dead.

Arya didn't even know it was a he or she. She had experienced too much in these years. She was exhausted. It was not that she didn't want to give up, but she couldn't accept that she would be so weak.

She pulled out the needle in her hand, held the wall with one hand, and covered her lower abdomen with the other. Because she had just had a baby, her lower body was in pain. Ignoring the pain, she walked to the window with difficulty.

The rain was still pouring outside the window, roaring and surging. The torrential rain hit the ground, splashing everywhere.

Arya reached out her hand to feel the rain. It fell on her palm, as cold as her heart.

She knew that if she did not cheer up, she would not be able to avenge herself, her mother, and her child who had not yet felt mom's love.

She clenched her hand in the rain, feeling the rain sliding down. She just wanted an ordinary life, she just wanted a peaceful six-year. Why didn't they just let her go?!

She withdrew her hand and looked up, listening to the rain.

She had made her own decision. She would memorize this child deeply in her heart, in her flesh and blood.

'Everyone who hurt us should pay the price.'

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