Chapter 5 Freedom

Three years later.

The iron chains were unlocked one by one. The creeping sound woke up the beautiful morning.

When the last door slowly opened, Arya quickened her steps, like a butterfly that was about to break out of its cocoon. Even if it had just learned to fly, it wanted to rush to the wide sky at the fastest speed and breathe in the fresh air outside.

Three years had passed, and she had walked out of this cage that restricted her freedom. From now on, her life would start anew.

"Arya." Jasper walked towards her.

Arya looked up and found the sun glaring. She narrowed her eyes slightly and watched Jasper walk over. The sun shone on him, looking hazy and unreal.

Jasper Clinton, the prison guard of W City women's prison, was the one who sent Arya to the hospital four years ago.

Ever since then, they had known each other. After returning from the hospital, Jasper had been taking good care of Arya.

If it weren't for Jasper, perhaps she would have been killed and not be able to get out of this big iron door.

"I'm here to pick you up. I have arranged a place for you to live." Jasper said gently, standing in front of her and looking at her thin but exceptionally delicate cheeks.

Arya made a faint OK. She was penniless. Without Jasper, she might have slept on the street.

Since she had a criminal record, no company was willing to hire her. Even if she graduated from a first-class university, she had no choice but to do a low-level job.

She found a job as a waitress in a club.

In the past, she would have disdained such a job. But her life in prison had long polished her edges.

"Arya, take the wine to room 108."

It was the foreman, Sunny.

Everyone here called her Sunny.

Arya took the wine and put it on the tray. "On my way."

She arrived at the door of room 108. She was about to knock on the door when she realized that it was not closed. Through the crack of the door, she saw a woman kneeling at a man's feet.

"Xavier, you know how much I love acting. Four years ago, that was my only chance to go to Hollywood... That's why I broke my promise, but my love for you has never changed."

The woman tugged at the man's trousers. Her eyes were watery and beautiful.

However, the man sitting on the sofa, with his long legs elegantly crossed, was unmoved.

His entire upper body was slouched into the sofa, and the light from the side shone on his face, half bright and half dark, making his expression unreal.

The man bent down slowly, lifted the woman's chin, and looked at her.

"Luna, why do you think that I can still accept you after four years? Hmm?"

"Xavier, I know you love me. You will definitely wait for me." Luna grabbed Xavier's clothes tightly, afraid that if she let him go, this man would leave her completely.

Xavier stared at her for two seconds. "Love?"

It seemed that he had heard some funny jokes.

Xavier had always been proud, but Luna stood him up and left for four years.

However, as early as four years ago, he thought that the woman who slept with him in the hotel was her and he actually wanted to marry her for he thought she gave him her virginity.

It turned out that the woman was not her at all. She went to Hollywood with her agent that afternoon and didn't go to the hotel at all. Although there was love between them in the past, it had faded away because of her sudden disappearance.

Arya at the door didn't want to hear more stories about them, so she knocked gently. "Can I come in?"

"There's no need for alcohol here." Luna immediately refused. She didn't want anyone to see her in a mess.

Xavier smiled and curled his lips. "Come in."


Xavier's eyes darkened quickly and fiercely.

He looked especially fierce in this dark room.

Luna's red lips were half-open, and the next words stuck in her throat. She didn't dare to make any more noise.

With permission, Arya pushed the door open and walked in. Luna felt embarrassed but thought that it was even more difficult to convince Xavier to forgive her if she stood up.

She simply turned in another direction to prevent Arya from seeing her face.

Arya was not interested either. After putting down the wine, she wanted to leave. She didn't want to get involved in their war.

But things didn't go on as she expected. Just as she was about to retract her hand, someone suddenly grabbed her. Xavier gave Luna a faint glance. "This woman is more attractive than you."

Before Arya could think, she had already fallen into a strong and warm embrace. She regained her senses and immediately pushed the man, but he grabbed her hand and held her tightly, making her unable to move.



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