Chapter 3 Number 3056

Number 3056 was Arya's name from the day she went into prison.

She was sentenced to six years, 2190 days and nights. When she came out, she would be 25 years old, thanks to her dear family.

In the last instance, Richard said to her, "When you come out, you are still my daughter."

Arya sneered and did not say anything.

She didn't care. She has long not treated him as her father. To her, he was just a loser and a cheater.

Wearing a blue prison uniform, she curled up in the corner, trembling out of fear. Everything in prison terrified her, with loneliness surrounding her.

On the third day, Estella came to visit her. The so-called visit was actually another trick.

She gave Arya's roommates some money, not because she wanted Arya to suffer less, but suffer more. The best result would be that Arya died in prison. Most of the stepmothers were good, but Arya's should be the worst.

"Arya, don't blame me for being ruthless. I know you. You would definitely retaliate against us once you get out. So, I won't give you the chance. It's also a relief for you to die early and go to accompany your mother."

"Don't worry. I won't die. I'll definitely go out, alive. But, you have to be careful. What if you're dead before I get out of prison?"

Arya knew that Estella was hostile to her, but she didn't expect her to be so vicious.

Arya was destined to have a hard time. The other prisoners in the same room made everything difficult for her.

Once, when she took a bath, her clothes were taken away, and they asked her to stand there naked. She tried to reason with them but was beaten.

Her body was often covered in bruises.

Her meal was always knocked over on purpose.

"If you want to eat, grab the food from the ground. You don't deserve to use a bowl."

If Arya didn't follow their orders, they would press her head and force her to eat the dirty food on the floor.

If she resisted, they would attack her together. Arya always felt that it was better to die than to suffer all this.

But she could not die, at least not before taking revenge on those who hurt her. With her eyes closed, she endured their kicks.

Just as Arya felt that she might die, the guards came, stopped them, and sent her to the infirmary.

After the examination, the doctor looked at her with complicated eyes. "You're pregnant."

"What?" Arya couldn't believe it.

The doctor sighed. "Take good care of yourself."

Arya knew that she couldn't give birth to a baby, safe and sound, here. But the news gave Arya hope. The baby was like the light in the dark night, leading her way.

She knew that she had to be strong for her baby, that she had to protect her baby.

Arya didn't know who was the baby's father. But anyway, that was her baby.

She needed to live for the baby.

The only thing she could do was to endure all the humiliation until the child was born, until the day she got out of here.

No matter what they did, she gritted her teeth and endured it, but she wasn't lucky enough.

Time flew, she was eight months pregnant.

Arya caressed her bulging abdomen and sat in the corner of the room after dinner.

She didn't know who the man was that night, and she didn't even see him clearly, but she loved this child very much.

It was because this child stayed together with her when she was most desperate.

The baby was the beacon that led her forward when she was lost and helpless.

"Hey, 3056, why don't you take off your clothes and let us appreciate what do you use to seduce men?" Three female prisoners surrounded Arya in the corner.

Arya subconsciously covered her abdomen and looked at them calmly. This was not the first time they had insulted her. She was used to it. She said, "What do you want me to do? Just tell me, I will do everything."

But they laughed evilly. "If I want you and your child to die, can you do it?"

Arya's face turned pale and she couldn't help but shrink back, afraid that they would hurt her baby.

"Don't come over."

"Don't blame us. That's because you've offended the wrong person." Then they attacked Arya together.

Soon, Arya was knocked to the ground by them. She knew that she could not resist, so she could only curl up and protect her abdomen, hoping they wouldn't hurt the child. She begged God not to let anything happen to her child.

But a stream of heat flowed from her legs, and she panicked. Tears rolled down uncontrollably and she cried out, "Help me... Please save my child..."

When the prisoners heard that, they squatted down and covered her mouth, so the guards could not hear her.

Her face was getting paler, and her eyes were deathly empty. If not for the baby, perhaps she would have died long ago.

It was this unexpected child that gave her the courage to live.

'No, I cannot give up. I can't! I can't just let the little life go.'

'I'm Arya, I'm not 3056. I have my own name. I didn't do anything wrong. I will come back. I definitely will.'

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