Chapter 9 This Man Is Mine

Arya woke up from her nightmare, with tears all over her face.

She often dreamed of her baby and woke up, crying.

She couldn't fall asleep anymore. She simply got up and stood at the window. It was already dawn outside.

Just as she was about to open the door to go out, she found someone talking in the living room.

She gently opened the door. Through the crack, she saw the woman in the private room that day standing in the living room.


"Is it you who hired those people?"

Although it was a question, he was not really asking her.

Arya was shocked. 'She is the employer!'

Luna clenched her hand on the phone. She came here today to tell Xavier that the woman was a slut. She didn't expect he had found out that those thugs were hired by her.

"Women in nightclubs are dirty, whether they've been raped or not."

In the past, Xavier thought that her occasional unreasonable and unruly behavior was very lovely, but now, he finally knew what she was really like, just a vicious woman who would destroy a woman's innocence for her own gain.

Xavier casually sat down on the sofa. Arya could not see his expression clearly. She could only see his blurry outline, solemn and lazy, fierce and complicated, "You said the reason why you come back is that you love me, but as far as I know, you come back because you cannot survive abroad."

"No, those are all rumors. I come back because I love you. I'm doing well abroad." Luna immediately denied it.

She must not let Xavier know it was true.

Only by maintaining her image as an international superstar in front of Xavier could she stand a chance of winning him back.

Xavier looked up, his face flickering in the light, "Since you're doing well abroad, why did you come back?"

As he spoke, he had already taken out his phone and was about to make a call. Just then, Luna suddenly threw herself at him, "Xavier, why are you so indifferent to me? You know I love you..."

Xavier paused and put down his phone. Arya walked out of the room at this time. She glanced coldly at the woman, and then looked at Xavier, "Shouldn't you give me an explanation? If it weren't for you, how could I have had such an accident?"

Luna's eyes were about to pop out. 'Why is this d*mn woman here?'

'Why is she dressed like that?'

Luna was so angry that she got up and was about to slap Arya, but Arya stopped her and pushed her back.

Luna was wearing high heels, so she lost her balance and fell down.

Arya looked at her coldly and ignored her. Then, Arya bent down to grab the phone. As soon as she touched the landline, she was stopped by Xavier, "What are you doing?"

"Call the police."

"Even if I don't want her anymore, no one can hurt her."

"Are you trying to protect her?"

They looked at each other aggressively, and no one was willing to give in.

This was the first time Xavier had seen the determination in this woman's eyes. Yes, it was determination.

She was so determined that she would not give in a little even in the face of most severe trials.

"What can make you satisfied?" He raised the corners of his lips. Apparently, he was not angry.

"She has broken the law." Arya looked at Xavier calmly. She hated being set up, especially about her own innocence.

She did not forget how her stepmother and her evil children had schemed against her to make her lose her innocence.

Luna was afraid that Xavier would really listen to Arya, so she crawled over and begged, "Xavier, you can't listen to her nonsense. She is just a whore. Don't abandon me."

As she spoke, she reached out to hold Xavier's hand, but she was grabbed by Arya, who was glaring at her, "This man is mine. Don't touch him."

Luna's eyes widened, "Are you f*cking insane? Xavier is yours? Do you think he will like you? Come on, stop dreaming. He won't like a woman like you. He is just flirting with you."

"Even if he's only flirting with me, it proves that I'm valuable. What about you? What do you have? Why should he love you?"

"We are lovers..."

"You were lovers, not are. Don't dwell on the past, lady."

Luna's face turned pale.

With one last glimmer of hope, Luna looked at Xavier, but Xavier was looking at Arya, the eloquent woman.

It was as if he had discovered something special about this woman.

Xavier picked up his phone and dialed the number.


Xavier looked at Luna, "I don't wanna see you anymore."

Actually, she had long lost him since she didn't go to find him that night.

Xavier valued his family and friends more than anything, but at the same time, he was also ruthless.

No matter how Luna pleaded with him, Xavier was not soft-hearted and resolutely asked someone to send her abroad.

He had feelings for her in the past, but four years of time already wore his feelings away.

Soon, Luna was taken away by the people Xavier called. The villa quieted down.

Only then did Arya realize that she was wearing only a towel and was in the same room with a man she didn't know very well.

She coughed to hide her embarrassment.

"I'll get someone to send you some clothes. After all, you suffer all those because of me."

Xavier noticed that the towel only covered the important parts of her body. Her long white legs were exposed in the air, making him unable to look away. He was never so interested in a woman's body, but the woman in front of him really turned him on.

Xavier tugged at his loose collar, but still felt uncomfortable.

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