Chapter 6 Cheesy Woman

"It's impossible. You would never take a fancy to such a cheesy woman. I know you're deliberately making me envious!" Luna ignored being seen and glared at Arya.

Xavier looked at Luna with a thoughtful gaze, and then he smiled.

'How could this woman be so confident?'

"Is she cheesy? I think she's much nobler than you."

Arya was just about to explain. She didn't want to be taken advantage of for no reason, and she also didn't want to be hated by someone else.

However, as soon as she opened her mouth, she was blocked by a cold figure. The next second, someone kissed her.

She was completely stunned. How could she expect that? She even forgot to react.

Luna was shocked, feeling humiliated.

"Xavier, you will regret it." After saying that, Luna got up and ran away from this embarrassing place.

Xavier let Arya go, but she was still in a daze.

"What? It's not your first kiss, is it?"

They were so close that the breath of Xavier spilled on Arya's cheeks, making her numb and itchy.

Arya came back to her senses and raised her hand to slap him. Xavier felt it immediately and caught her hand. His frivolous look disappeared.

"No one can slap me."

He then got up and took out a dozen of bills from his wallet. "Sorry to be rude just now. This is for you."

As he spoke, he had already put the money on the table.

Arya glared at him, wiped her mouth with her hands, and said coldly, "Asshole."

After that, she didn't even look at the money and was about to leave.

Xavier, on the other hand, was a little confused.

'This woman is actually wiping her mouth?'

'Is my kiss disgusting?'

Arya took two steps away and suddenly stopped.

Although it seemed that accepting the money was a little humiliating to her, she needed it.

She needed a lot of money, because only with money could she be able to fight with the whole Harrison Family. Only then did she have the ability to avenge.

Even though she was embarrassed, she still turned around and went to get the money on the table.

Xavier looked at her expressionlessly. At first, he thought she was different from other women, but it was just his delusion.

'Why is everyone so greedy? Luna is, the woman is.'

"Do you have your backbone?"

Backbone? She wanted it, but she couldn't afford it.

All her self-esteem had already been stepped in the mud by others.

It was only the hatred in her heart that kept her alive.

She lowered her eyes and took the money. "I don't want backbone. I just want money."

Disdain covered Xavier's face. He would not stop for another second for such a woman.

Without looking at Arya again, he directly turned around and left.

Arya took a deep breath, straightened her back, and walked out of the private room.

By the time she got off work, it was already late at night.

She walked alone on the curb. Suddenly, a car stopped beside her.

It was Jasper. He was on the night shift and took the time to pick her up.

Jasper opened the door and let her get in.

Arya wanted to say "thank you", but she didn't say it out. Because only a thank you could not express her gratitude to Jasper.

She bent over and got in, preparing to give him the money he lent her to rent the house. However, Jasper handed over a folder to her.

"This is the information you asked me to check on your father's company, K&T Inc."

Arya immediately took it. She was eager to know what was going on with the Harrison Family and that company.

Four years ago, K&T Inc was facing bankruptcy. However, the company had received a huge investment, which saved it from bankruptcy and even made it expand several times. Its business had grown from the single building materials industry to a company including diversified industries.

Arya frowned. 'How could the company be like this? Who invested in the company? How could the company grow so much in just four years?'

"Maybe... it was because of Harriet's fiancé."

Jasper seemed to see her confusion and explained.

"Her fiancé?" Arya's fingers involuntarily tightened. It turned out that she had hooked up with a rich man.

"You must have heard of the Jones Group."

Arya swallowed subconsciously. Everyone should know this company.

The Jones Family was powerful in W City and the Old Master of the Jones Family was holding a high rank in the army.

No wonder the company on the verge of bankruptcy could now achieve such a result. It turned out that it had a strong backup.

She had to admit that Harriet was so cunning that she could get relations with the Jones Family.

"Arya, I know the hatred in your heart, but it is not that simple. We should take our time. Can you accept me? I can take care of you for the rest of my life, you know, we can buy a house and we can have children..."

"I'm sorry, Jasper. You know that all my feelings are buried in that iron door. I won't fall in love with anyone. I'm really sorry." As she spoke, she put the money on the car seat. "The most important thing for me now is to avenge. You spent a lot on me. I should pay you back."

'How can I live a happy and easy life after experiencing those things?'

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