Chapter 10 Are You Seducing Me?

Arya nodded without thinking. "I'll go back to my room and wait."

After that, she turned around and left. However, she walked so fast that she didn't notice the towel snagged by the corner of the table.

In an instant, her body was exposed.

At that moment, the air seemed to freeze.

The next second, Arya screamed and grabbed the bath towel to block her private parts. She was too flustered and accidentally hit the leg of the table and fell down.

Arya closed her eyes and thought she would be in pain. But what welcomed her was the warm embrace of the man. The man's strong arm was tightly wrapped around her waist.

She felt a strong clasp on her waist and then she was pressed against Xavier.

Arya was still in shock. She stared blankly at Xavier, who was so close and was stunned. They just looked at each other. Arya saw that Xavier was a little weird.

He was calm, but it seemed that he was pretending to be calm.

Knowing her situation, Arya blushed and tried to push him away.

But Xavier didn't let go. Instead, he held her much tighter.

So now, the situation was that Arya was naked and pressed against Xavier.

He looked down at the woman and said with his hoarse and seductive voice. "Are you seducing me?"

Except for that time when she was set up, she had never had intimate contact with a man.

She had never been naked in front of any man before or after that.

She was both shy and angry.

Arya pretended to be calm and said coldly, "Sir, you are the one that doesn't let me go. And I am the one who is naked, not you."

Xavier's adam's apple rolled up and down a few times as if he was suppressing the surging of his desire.

After a while, Xavier had calmed down and his clasp loosened a little.

Arya took the opportunity and quickly pushed him away. She then picked up the bath towel and wrapped herself in it.

Xavier looked down at the flustered woman and figured out something.

--He had a lust for this woman.

Over the years, he has never had a lust for any woman.

'But I actually have a d*mn desire for a woman I had only met twice?'

At this moment, Xavier's phone on the sofa rang, interrupting his thought. Arya looked up and saw the name on it accidentally.


Arya was stunned.

She frowned. 'What does this man have to do with Harriet?'

Before Arya could figure it out, Xavier had already left with his phone and walked to the window to pick up the phone.

Arya wanted to eavesdrop, but she was too far away.

A moment later, Xavier hung up the phone and turned around to see Arya, who was standing still.

He frowned slightly, looked her up and down, and made a phone call.

"Send me a set of ladies' clothes."

Xavier's voice rang again, and Arya came back to her senses.

She wanted to ask him about his relationship with Harriet, but she didn't.

However, she already had a guess in her heart.

At this moment, Xavier handed over a check.

"I did cause you trouble." As he spoke, he raised his eyes. "You like money very much, don't you? Just fill in a number as you like. This is the compensation for the disaster I brought you. After leaving this door, I don't want to hear anything about you."

Arya looked down at the check. She was upset. 'Am I being labeled as a money-lover?'

She suppressed her bitterness and pretended not to care. "I was almost raped because of you."

Xavier narrowed his eyes and his face gradually darkened. "What do you want?" His tone was with some sarcasm.

He felt that she was being greedy. He thought she wanted more.

"I haven't decided yet. I'll ask you for it later." Afraid that he would reject her, Arya quickly added, "Don't worry. I won't make an unreasonable request."

Xavier looked at Arya for a few seconds without answering, as if he had acquiesced.

He took out a business card and handed it to her. "I'll give you three days. If you haven't decided then, I'll think you let it go." He just wanted to get rid of this woman.

Arya looked down and saw the name on the card.

Xavier Jones.

'His surname is Jones?'

Arya looked up at the man in front of her and was almost certain about her guess.

Jasper said that Harriet's fiancé was a member of the Jones Family.

The man's surname was Jones, and he knew Harriet. So, it meant that he was Harriet's fiancé

Arya took the card, held it in her hand, and smiled.

She raised her eyes and looked at Xavier. "Mr. Jones, I am a shield, right? Your real purpose is to protect your fiancée, Miss Harrison."

Xavier's face darkened instantly and he looked at her coldly. His gaze made Arya unconsciously want to step back. However, she pretended to be calm and looked back at Xavier.

"How do you know?"

"Is it a secret that you have been engaged with Miss Harrison? Except for the woman before, everyone in W City knows this, right? Do you think it strange that I know this?"

She was right. Except for Luna, who had just come back from abroad, everyone in W City knew about the relationship between Xavier and Harriet.

Xavier's expression softened a little.

Arya was stunned when she saw the change in Xavier's face.

'It seems that he cares about Harriet very much.'

Suddenly, a wicked thought came to her mind.

'What would happen if I ruined Harriet's relationship with this man?'

'What would happen to Harriet? What would happen to K&T Inc?'

'Without the protection of the Jones Family, what would happen to the Harrison Family?'

Before she made up her mind, she subconsciously did something.

She stepped forward and hugged Xavier.

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