His Irresistible Obsession

Chapter 1 Be Deceived

[In an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of T City]

The door was closed tightly. There was sunlight shining on a few young girls through a few windows on the tall wall.

Creak... Creak...

"What's that sound?" A girl asked alertly.

"Well... It sounded like a mouse!" Another girl answered.

"Ah..." Then there was a scream in the warehouse.

Debbie Black, a girl of eighteen or nineteen years old, squatted between them. She had beautiful features and long hair. She was afraid of rats, so she lowered her head and hugged her shoulders with both hands, looking helpless.


Just then, the warehouse door opened from the outside. A man in his thirties came in and shouted, "What are you shouting for? Be quiet! Our boss is going here to pick her future employees. All behave yourself!"

Then, there came the sounds of high heels. A very fashionable woman came in, followed by a few young men in black suits.

"Madam Zent! These girls just arrived. They are all young and beautiful!" The man pointed at the girls and smiled.

The woman being called "Madam Zent" ignored the man. She walked over to the girls to take a closer look. When she came to Debbie's side, her eyes suddenly lit up.

She lifted Debbie's chin, looked her up and down, and asked, "How old are you?"

Debbie felt a little uncomfortable being stared at by the woman. (Isn't the job requirements just being able to endure busy work? Why is she staring at me up and down?) Debbie was uneasy and did not answer the question for a moment.

"Madam Zent is asking you a question! Answer it quickly!" The man reprimanded Debbie.

"I'm eighteen years old!" Debbie finally spat out a few words.

"Very good!" The woman smiled with great satisfaction. She turned to the man and said, "I want her!" After saying this, she turned around and walked out of the warehouse.

"Did you hear that? Madam Zent has taken a fancy to you! From now on, you can follow her and make a lot of money! Let's go! Let's go! Madam Zent's car is waiting for you!" The man smiled and went up to hold Debbie's hand.

"I can walk by myself!" Debbie was a little scared when she heard the man's presumptuous laughter. She quickly broke free of his hand and walked out the door by herself.

Debbie walked out of the warehouse and was taken to a high-class car. Debbie looked up through the window and saw that the man and Madam Zent were chatting and laughing in the distance, but she could not hear a word in the car. The man was Alston Owen, a big shot in Debbie's mind. But now he was bowing and scraping to Madam Zent. It made Debbie exclaim that Madam Zent must not be an ordinary person.

"Madam Zent, are you satisfied with that little girl?" Alston chuckled and handed Gloria Zent a lady's cigarette.

Gloria put the cigarette into her vermilion mouth, and a moment later, the smoke came out of her mouth. She gracefully placed the long cigarette between her slender fingers, and a smug smile appeared on her face. "That little girl is only 18 years old. But these days, many businessmen like girls of her age. If I take her home and dress her up, I can make a lot of money with her."

"Madam Zent! Then the money..."

Hearing that, Gloria's face turned icy. "Alston, you know the rules! If you didn't lie to me, the money you deserve will be yours. But if you lied to me about her being a pure girl, you'd better be prepared for a good beating by me." With that, a contemptuous smile appeared on her's face.

"Madam Zent, I'm sure she's a pure girl." Alston smiled and revealed most of his yellow teeth, which looked annoying.

"I believe in my methods more! Hmph..." Gloria casually threw away the cigarette she had just smoked a few times and walked towards the car Debbie was in.

After Gloria got into the car, the car sped fast from the desolate suburbs all the way to the downtown of T City.

[The next night] Debbie was forced to put on a sling dress and was brought to a resplendent and magnificent club.

Debbie sat on a wide sofa and looked around in horror. She found she was in a very luxurious room with a big bed, a TV, and a computer. And she was a little bit of scary white sheets.

Just then, the door was opened!

Debbie looked up and saw a fat man in his fifties with half of his head bald. There was an evil light in the man's eyes when he saw her, which made her could not help trembling!

The man was Mr. MacArtney. He walked straight to the sofa and sat down. His half-narrowed eyes scanned Debbie from top to bottom. Debbie's shoulder-length black hair made her little face more pure and cute. And her whole body exuded a pure young girl's aura, which made Mr. MacArtney have a real itch to get close to her.

Debbie, "Who... Who are you?" His gaze made Debbie stand up in horror.

"Don't be afraid. My surname is MacArtney. You can call me Mr. MacArtney." Mr. MacArtney replied with a smile.

"Mr... MacArtney?" Debbie began to feel uneasy. She was thinking about how to escape from here because she was sure that she was in a trap now.

"Come, talk to me!" Mr. MacArteny patted the sofa and said.

Debbie stood up and said, "I... I'm leaving!"

"You come back!" Mr. MacArteny stood up and grabbed Debbie's hand.

"You... Let me go!" Being grabbed, Debbie began to struggle desperately.

However, Debbie was still a little girl. She was no match for the fat man, Mr. MacArtney. The next moment, Mr. MacArtney smiled evilly and triumphantly.

Debbie was staring at him blankly with her big eyes. Before she could react, Mr. MacArtney had scooped her up. Although she tried hard to break free of him, she was not as strong as him and was still held in his arms.

Debbie gritted her teeth, made up her mind, and bit his ear hard. She took the opportunity to run out while he was covering his ear and screaming in pain.

In another room, there were constant sounds of sex from inside. After some time, a handsome man with icy eyes finally stopped. He did not show any love for the "female lead" Gloria. Instead, he walked to the bathroom without saying a word. His movements were very calm and graceful, and he did not feel any unease because of the awkward atmosphere.

Gloria looked at the back of the man she had loved for many years and watched him enter the bathroom. At this moment, there was inexplicable bitterness in her heart.

This man was the president of the White Group, Evan White. He was at the age of 30. And he was a cold, resolute, and was a capable workaholic. Six years ago, he returned from studying abroad and took over the huge underworld group from his father, Jim White. After six years of hard work, he had finally put the White Group on the right track. Now the White Group had become one of the top ten business groups in TW City. The White Group's business ranged from real estate, transportation, and building materials to shopping centers and all kinds of services. Of course, Evan had also become a famous highly eligible bachelor in TW City. Ladies from prestigious and rich families, acting stars, and famous models all had confessed their willingnesses to be with him. Gloria was one of them. She was Jim's goddaughter. She had chased Evan for many years, but she was just one of his many lovers.

Over the years, tidbits of news about Evan never stopped. When it came to women, his creed was that he would only be flirtatious to them. Every time he just joined in the fun with those women and he never gave his heart, for he had closed his heart for many years.

The sound of water in the bathroom stopped. And Evan came out with a towel around his lower body. He skillfully put on his shirt, his pants, and his suit. He looked up at Gloria. "Remember to send the accounts of the Grand Club to the headquarters at the end of the month!" Then, he walked towards the door.

"Don't you have anything else to say to me?" There was a trace of sadness in Gloria's eyes.

Evan stopped but did not look back. "Gloria, I told you the day you were with me that I just take our relationship a game." With that, he stepped forward and opened the door.

Just as Evan stepped out of the room, a thin and small body staggered and fell into his arms. Evan subconsciously reached out to hold this girl in a black dress. Her shoulder-length messy black hair covered half of her face, so he could only see her frightened eyes. And he felt her trembling all over.

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