Chapter 9 Worry

Debbie gently pushed open the door of the hut and ran in. (Fortunately, it isn't locked! Otherwise, I'll have been drenched by the rain today.)

After closing the door, Debbie glanced around the hut under the dim light. It was a small wooden house, and the layout of the house was very simple. There was only a small bed, a simple table, and a chair. When Debbie saw that there was a neatly folded blanket on the small bed, she smiled in surprise. The rain was very cold, and now she was like a drowned rat.

Debbie took off her muddy dress and ran to the table and looked around for candles. It was going to be dark soon, and she would be scared without any light. Fortunately, she found a few candles and a box of matches. When she lit a candle, the small room looked much warmer because of the candlelight.

Debbie quickly climbed onto the bed and covered herself with the blanket. Although her underwear was also wet from the rain, she was now alone in the hut and could not take off her underwear for the sake of safety. She was afraid that if there was a pervert. Thinking of this, Debbie suddenly remembered that she had not locked the door, so she quickly ran to the door and locked it tightly. Only then did she feel relieved.

The rain outside was getting heavier and heavier. When Debbie heard the sound of wind and rain outside and saw the shadows of the trees swaying, she was extremely scared. She wrapped herself tightly in the blanket and looked out the window in horror. She was completely despairing. It was time for dinner, and she wondered what would happen if her nominal mother-in-law and the servants couldn't find her. She didn't tell anyone that she entered the coconut forest. In fact, she didn't know how she came here either. It was so windy and rainy outside that no one would come to find her, so she could only go out until the rain stopped tomorrow. She had nothing to eat tonight. Debbie was very hungry.

It rained heavily in the evening, so Evan went home for dinner tonight.

"Mr. White, Mrs. White hasn't come back yet." As soon as Evan entered the spacious living room, Nanny Anna ran to him and said anxiously.

"Did she say where she went?" Evan looked at the rain outside and said.

"The gatekeeper said that he didn't see Mrs. White go out. But I've searched the whole house and didn't see her." Nanny Anna said with a frown.

"She didn't go out?" Evan cast down his head and whispered to himself.

"Evan, what if something happens to her? It's raining so heavily outside. Where is she? Why didn't she tell us?" Joanna was also a little anxious.

Evan did not answer but strode towards the monitoring room. He walked quickly into the room full of monitors. As soon as he pressed the button, dozens of monitors were turned on. Evan quickly scanned the monitors one by one carefully. Soon, he found Debbie's figure.

The monitor showed that Debbie was curling up in a brown blanket under the dim candlelight on the table. She was staring blankly at the window in fright.

Evan had seen her frightened expression many times. He didn't know why her frightened expression could always make him want to protect her.

"Debbie is taking shelter from the rain in a hut in the coconut forest." Joanna breathed a sigh of relief.

"Mom, I'll go to take her back!" After saying that, Evan walked out quickly.

"Evan, it's raining heavily outside. Ask Laurent to go with you!" Joanna shouted from behind.

"No need!" Evan replied from outside.

Evan put on a raincoat and entered the coconut forest with a flashlight. When he was a child, he often went to the coconut forest to play, and he also always went to the hut. But when he grew up, he rarely went there. There were many memories of his childhood in the coconut forest.

Evan was very familiar with the road in the coconut forest, and he came to the hut soon.

Evan pushed the door but found that it was locked from inside.

Debbie suddenly saw a person approaching the hut and unconsciously held the blanket more tightly. (Who comes here?) Debbie's hands began to tremble.

There was a strong knock on the door outside.

"Who?" Debbie asked loud.

The heavy rain outside completely drowned Debbie's voice. Evan, who had been knocking on the door for a long time, was a little impatient. He took a step back and kicked the door open. Seeing a tall man in a raincoat coming in, Debbie was so scared that she climbed to the innermost part of the small bed.

"What do you want to do?" Debbie asked in a trembling voice.

The man didn't answer but turned round to lock the door. Then he slowly took off his raincoat, revealing his thick black hair with some water droplets and his cold face. When Debbie saw his face, she completely relaxed and put on a surprised smile. She really didn't expect that Evan would come to find her, because he usually hadn't been home yet at this time.

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