Chapter 2 Save Her!

"Go get her! Stop her!" Hearing the shouting of the men in black vests behind her, Debbie was terrified, knowing that the fat man would destroy her if she was caught. Although she was still ignorant of sex, she vaguely felt that she would be done if she was taken back.

In her panic, Debbie bumped into someone and almost fell, but a strong arm supported her. When Debbie looked up, a handsome face came into her view. It was a handsome man, who looked calm and domineering. He was sizing her up and down with frighteningly cold eyes.

"Take her!" The people chasing her caught up. Debbie wanted to run away, but the man grabbed her arm so she couldn't.

"Mr. White!" They approached and stopped to greet the man respectfully immediately.

"What's going on?" Evan stared at them coldly.

"Well..." They stammered.

"Please! Help me! I came to work, not do that thing. Please, help me!" Debbie knelt down and begged Evan. Her sixth sense told her that the man in front of her was not an ordinary person and he could definitely help her.

Glancing at the pure girl kneeling at his feet coldly and the men who were stuttering with wandering eyes, Evan guessed what had happened. He kicked the door behind him and shouted, "Gloria, come out!"

A moment later, Gloria slowly walked out with her arms around her shoulders and eyes cast down, not daring to meet Evan's eyes.

"How many times have I told you? Don't force the girls unless they agree. Why didn't listen to me?" Evan stared at Gloria with cold eyes, roaring.

"Evan, I know I was wrong. It won't happen again. Do me a favor, please don't shout at me in front of so many people." Gloria begged. She knew that it was not good to provoke Evan. She'd better admit her mistake quickly.

Pointing at Gloria, Evan said, "Well, I will let you go this time. If it happens again, you know what I will do."

Hearing this, Debbie was somewhat happy. She was right. This person could help her.

At this moment, Mr. MacArtney, who was bitten in the ear, shouted as he walked over, covering his ear. "Gloria! Look at the girl you sent me! She almost bit my ear off like a dog."

Gloria rushed up to him and smiled, "Mr. MacArtney, it's all my fault! Let them take you to the hospital to deal with your wound first. You may get infected!"

"No. I'll teach that girl a good lesson." Mr. MacArtney looked up and saw a cold face. Suddenly, he stopped cursing and immediately smiled, and said, "Mr. White, glad to see you. I gotta go to the hospital. Please excuse me!" He quickly turned around and left.

Seeing Mr. MacArtney's miserable appearance, Evan sneered, thinking that the little girl was kind of brave.

"Laurent, take her to my car," Evan said to Laurent, his special secretary.

Gloria carefully stepped forward and said, "Evan, even if you want to keep her, I have to send her back to who introduced her. She cost me a million. I know it's nothing for you, but I gotta explain to my people. You know, it happens every day, you can't save all of them."

Seeing Evan hesitate, Debbie immediately added, "Sir, please! I will work hard to pay back the money. I can do everything. Please don't send me back or they will sell me to someone else." Debbie almost cried.

For some reason, Evan, who had always been cold, looked at the pitiful little girl and sympathized with her. He turned to look at Gloria and Laurent and said, "I'll pay the million first. Nanny Anna needs a maid. Laurent, take her to Nanny Anna. Let her pay back the money with her wages."

"Sure! Let's go." Laurent came over and took Debbie away. Gloria didn't dare to say anything more, because she knew that Evan wouldn't change his mind.

Debbie had worked in the White family for more than a month. The White family lived in a grand villa on the hillside of Mount YN. The villa occupied a large area. In addition to the four-story castle-like building, there was a swimming pool and tennis court in the huge garden. The yard was covered with grass and the place looked beautiful. With a big coconut forest to the west of the villa, the villa looked tropical.

Of course, the servants and security personnel were indispensable. More than a dozen people in the same kind of clothes kept patrolling outside all the time. There were drivers, gardeners, cooks, and maids, more than 20 in total. Nanny Anna was the housekeeper. On the day Laurent took her here, Debbie knew that Laurent was Nanny Anna's son. He was a warm-hearted young man. Although Nanny Anna was usually strict, Debbie could feel that she was kind. Debbie's salary was 40 thousand a month, which would be used to pay the debt. But Nanny Anna only gave her 2000 and took the rest to pay her debt. Holding the money, Debbie was excited and she planned to send it to her family later. It was enough for her brother's living expenses and there might be leftovers. The villa provided free food and accommodation and there was no place for Debbie to spend money. Debbie was grateful and worked hard.

For more than a month, Debbie had only seen Evan a few times. He left early and returned late every day, but he would never spend the night outside. Debbie had learned something about Evan from other servants. Debbie didn't know why she was nervous and her palms sweat whenever she met him. And if she couldn't see him for a few days, she would feel depressed. The happiest thing for Debbie was to silently look at his back because only in this way would she not be nervous. Possibly, Debbie thought that he was her savior, so she relied on him spiritually.

One night, it was almost midnight. Debbie washed her work clothes and planned to go to the side building to sleep. But Nanny Anna came over and stopped her.

"Debbie, take the pajamas to Mr. White's room." Nanny Anna was holding a neatly folded set of pajamas.

Looking up at Evan's room on the third floor where the lights were on, Debbie hesitantly took the pajamas from Nanny Anna, without moving.

"Debbie, don't be afraid! It's okay!" Nanny Anna encouraged Debbie.

"Okay!" Debbie slowly walked towards the villa. She went up to the second floor, where Senior Mr. White and Senior Mrs. White lived. At this time, they were asleep. Debbie tried her best to walk as gently as possible to the third floor and walked to Evan's room. Debbie became nervous and her heart was beating wildly. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door gently.

"Come in!" A deep male voice sounded inside.

Debbie gently pushed the door open. A large black and white bedroom came into her view. A man, standing in front of the wide bed, who had just taken a bath with a towel around his lower body, was wiping his hair with a towel.

Seeing this embarrassing scene, Debbie blushed. She quickly turned away, quickly walked to the other side of the bed, put the pajamas down, and said with her head down, "Mr. White, here are the pajamas!" After that, she ran towards the door.

"Get me a glass of water!" Evan said as he wiped his hair, tilting his head.

Debbie hurried back, poured a glass of water, walked to the bedside table with her head down, and gently put it on the bedside table. When she turned around and wanted to leave, she heard the smoky male voice again.

"Are you the girl who snuck here?" Evan stared at her with sharp eyes. That day, he only saw her frightened eyes. Today she had combed her hair behind, looking young. Seen from her figure, it was easy to tell that she hadn't developed well. Evan frowned. (Mr. MacArtney is such a pervert! He paid a high price for Gloria to get him such a young girl.)

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