Chapter 3 Teasing

(He could recognize me!) Debbie was overjoyed. She nodded hurriedly and said, "Yes!" But she didn't dare to look up, because Evan revealed too much skin now.

"What's your name?" Evan, who rarely talked to the servants, was very interested in this shy little girl tonight.

"My name is Debbie Black! Mr. White, you saved me. I will repay you in the future!" Debbie's gratitude for him was all outspoken.

Evan frowned and asked, "Debbie... What?"

"It's Debbie Black!" Debbie repeated.

Evan felt it funny. Seeing this cute and innocent little girl, Evan was interested. He slowly approached her and lifted her little chin. His cold eyes were evil and charming, and his deep voice rang again. "Then, what would you do?"

The moment Debbie's chin was lifted by Evan, she passively looked up. She saw his handsome face and his exposed muscular upper body, as well as the evil beam in his eyes. Suddenly, Debbie's heart beat wildly. "I... I..." Nervous and scared, she didn't know how to answer him.

"What?" Evan stepped forward and got close to her. Debbie was so scared that she quickly stepped back. She tumbled because of losing her balance when touching the bed foot. Sitting on the large bed, she was nervous and her face turned pale. Looking back, she thought inside, "He is going to let me repay him by sleeping with him? So he is also a shameless person?) Her nice impression of Evan changed greatly.

Looking at her frightened look, Evan felt really interesting. He turned around and walked to the bedside table. Picking up the water that Debbie had poured for him and drinking it all in one gulp, he said, "Don't worry! I'm not Mr. MacArtney. I'm not interested in a kid like you! Bye. I wanna sleep now!"

Hearing his words, Debbie felt extremely upset! She got up and ran out of Evan's room. Evan, who was in the room, saw her run out like an off-string arrow and smiled slightly. He felt it pleasant to tease this little girl!

Debbie ran back to her room in one breath. Sitting on her small single bed, she looked very depressed. When he said he was not interested in her, Debbie felt very sad! Debbie trembled involuntarily. (Did I fall in love with Mr. White? No way!) She persuaded herself immediately. There was a huge gap between them. Debbie sternly warned herself not to like him.

Debbie shook her head hard. She lay flat on the small bed and set down to sleep. But she tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep. Evan's words were still ringing in her ears. (He was not interested in a kid like me? What did he mean? I'm no longer a kid, but why did he say that?) Debbie could not think of a reason.

The next day, Debbie and another maid, Nancy, were washing the dishes together. Debbie leaned over to Nancy and said with a smile, "Nancy, what's the meaning of a man saying 'I'm not interested in a kid like you?"

Nancy, who was washing the dishes, glanced at Debbie. "Where did you hear that?" Nancy was a few years older than Debbie and had just been married.

"On TV!" Debbie faltered and lied. She never lied before, so her face turned red.

"Remember not to ask anyone such a question in the future! Others will laugh at you." Nancy rejoined.

After Debbie came here, Nancy treated her best except for Nanny Anna. The other maids all looked down on Debbie for her background. "Nancy, what does that mean? Tell me!"

Seeing that Debbie was clinging to her. Nancy whispered to Debbie, "That is to say, this man likes mature women. He likes those girls with good figures!" After saying that, Nancy chuckled.

Debbie looked down at herself. (I'm true as flat-chested as a kid.) Debbie suddenly felt annoyed.

One afternoon, before they got off work, Evan was called back by a call from Jim and Joanna.

As soon as he got out of the car, he saw the two sitting in the garden drinking tea. Evan strode over. "Dad, mom!"

"Sit down!" Joanna said as she put a large stack of photos in front of Evan.

Evan glanced at the photos and knew what was going on! He said impatiently, "Mom! Didn't I tell you? I don't want to get married yet!" At this moment, Evan was pissed off about her mother's behaviors. Joanna would show him dozens of photos of various women.

"If you don't want to get married, how can we have grandchildren? Evan, you're already thirty! I gave birth to you and your sister at this age!" Joanna tried her best to persuade him.

"I have a lot of things to deal with in the company!" Evan had no choice but to adopt the same strategy... As he spoke, he stood up and was about to leave.

Jim, who had been silent for a long time, spoke. "Sit down!" His voice was very stern. Evan had to sit back obediently.

"In short, you must choose one of these photos today as your future wife! These are all from famous families, all beautiful and virtuous. If you don't make a choice, you are forbidden to enter the company again!" Jim's tone was overbearing. He was taking it seriously this time, or he wouldn't have a grandson.

Evan cursed inside. He knew his dad was a man of his word. Frowning at the photos on the table, Evan knew that he had to choose one this time! Evan glanced at the garden inadvertently. Suddenly, a petite figure fell into his eyes, then an idea flashed through Evan's mind.

"Dad, mom! I can get married, but I have to choose my own partner! If you agree, you can decide the time for our marriage!" Evan spread out his hands and shrugged.

After Jim and Joanna looked at each other, Joanna spoke first, "Jim, I think Evan has good taste! Why don't we just agree on him?"

"Okay!" Jim nodded.

"I need to deal with something in the company. I'll go first!" Evan got up and left.

Late that night, when the whole White family had fallen asleep, Evan called Debbie to his bedroom on the third floor.

Debbie walked into Evan's bedroom in fear thinking of the experience last time. Although she was happy to see him, she had much more feelings of fear and nervousness.

"Close the door!" Evan didn't look up when he heard her coming, but his voice was commanding.

Debbie had to turn around and gently close the door, and her hand was a little trembling. (Why did he ask me here?) After closing the door, Debbie stood in front of the door and looked up at Evan. He was wearing a bright gray silk pajama and leaning against the bed, reading the document in his hand seriously. (He is so charming! He could even look so elegant in his pajamas, but his handsome face is a little too cold. Having been here for more than a month, I had never seen him smile.)

"Come here!" Evan turned to glance at her and ordered.

"Yes!" Debbie timidly walked toward him and stood a meter away from the bedside, looking down at her toes.

"What's your monthly salary?" Evan put down the document in his hand and took a cigarette from the bedside table and lit it. In an instant, the smell of cigarettes filled the air.

"Forty thousand dollars." Debbie said softly, then looked up, and quickly continued, "Mr. White! I will save up as soon as possible to pay you back! I promise!"

"Here's a contract. As long as you agree to sign it, you can pretend to marry me for a year. During this time, you will be my nominal wife. The debt between you and me will be written off. How about that?" Evan picked up the contract and threw it by the bed.

"I... I..." This was too sudden for Debbie. She heard her heart pounding. (Fake marriage? Why did he ask for a fake marriage? And why is he looking for me?)

"I don't think you need to consider much! This contract is very beneficial to both of us. Sign it!" Evan stood up and picked up the contract and pen from the bed. He came to Debbie and stuffed the pen in his hand into her. Without allowing Debbie to think too much, he half-forced her to sign her name on the contract.

"Remember! Don't tell anyone about this. In the future, you must try your best to act as a nice daughter-in-law and my wife when meeting my parents! Clear?" Evan looked down at Debbie, his tone overbearing.

"Yes!" Debbie gazed at the contract in her hand in a daze.

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