Chapter 5 Life in a Rich Family

Jim cleared his throat and said, "Then listen to Evan. It's better than not getting married." Jim knew his son's personality well, and it would be worse if Evan refused to marry this girl.

Therefore, the thing was settled by Jim. Three days later, Evan would take Debbie to S City to get married.

This morning, Evan took Debbie to the department store to buy everything she needed instead of going to the company as usual.

Sitting in Evan's extended Rolls-Royce, Debbie and Evan left the White family's villa. Behind their car was a luxurious Mercedes-Benz, in which sat four of Evan's bodyguards.

Debbie and Evan sat side by side in the last row of the spacious car. Debbie quietly observed the car with four rows of seats and found that it was even bigger than her house.

"You'll have your horizons broadened, so don't be so amazed." Evan glanced sideways at Debbie who kept her mouth wide open.

Nervously, Debbie darted a glance at Evan and then quickly turned to look out the window.

About twenty minutes later, the car drove into the parking lot of a tall department store.

After getting out of the car, Evan strode into the department store, and Debbie trotted behind him. Behind Debbie was Laurent, who was followed by four tall bodyguards in black suits and sunglasses. The group attracted the attention of other customers.

Evan first went to the largest and most luxurious boutique counter in the underwear sector. Debbie hid behind Evan timidly. Nervously, she wondered, (Is he bringing me to buy underwear? It is so embarrassing! Will I choose the underwear in front of so many men?) Debbie turned to peek at the five stocky men behind her. Fortunately, they were sensible and stood a few meters away.

"Sir, what can I do for you?" the clerk said with a sweet smile.

"What size of underwear should she wear?" Evan pulled Debbie behind him to the front of the clerk.

The clerk measured Debbie's undeveloped figure with her sharp eyes for several seconds, which made Debbie extremely embarrassed. However, Debbie's shoulder was firmly controlled by Evan's big hand, so she couldn't run away but lowered her head, blushing.

"Sir, this lady should wear the smallest size. Miss, you can choose the clothes from inside." The clerk pointed to the counter.

Before Debbie could answer, Evan blurted, "Give her a set of each of this year's latest styles."

"What?" The clerk's eyes widened, but quickly she realized what Evan said and smiled. "Sir, our brand is world-renowned. This year, we have launched a total of 28 styles, and each style has a total of 4 colors. I wonder if you..." The clerk was reminding Evan that the price would not be a small number.

However, Evan erased the clerk's doubts quickly. He took out his wallet from his pocket, took out a card, and handed it to the clerk. "One for each color, a total of 112 sets. Wrap them up immediately. I'm in a hurry."

"Alright, you... Please wait a moment. I'm going to prepare right away." Regardless of her surprise, the clerk hurriedly asked her colleagues to pack up the clothes, filled with happiness because of selling 112 sets at a time today. The brand was so expensive that few people could afford it, but today she could get a much higher commission.

Debbie, standing in front of the counter, frowned and thought, (How can he buy things in such a casual way?) But she secretly glanced at Evan and thought that it was a wise choice not to make any comments because Evan looked so cold right now. (I'd better not to provoke him,) she thought.

Soon, several clerks put the clothes Evan had ordered into four large handbags. Just as Debbie was about to take the handbags over, Laurent led a bodyguard to pick them up first.

"Sir, the total is 986,000 dollars. Please keep your credit card." The clerk handed Evan's card over with both hands.

Evan took the credit card expressionlessly, then walked upstairs to the women's clothing cabinet. Debbie had no choice but to follow closely behind Evan. However, in her heart, she muttered, (He is strange. He always goes his way without asking others for advice. What's more, he looks so indifferent!)

Next, Evan followed suit and bought Debbie countless clothes, cosmetics, bags, and shoes. When they got into the car again, the bags were piled up like a hill in the middle of the roomy car.

After Debbie was brought to S City by Evan for three days, she came back to continue her life as a rich young madam. Actually, Evan didn't plan to get married to Debbie in S City. He just took this opportunity to see whether the White Group's business went smoothly in those days. Poor Debbie had to stay in the hotel alone for three days. Although the presidential suite was exceptionally luxurious, Debbie felt so lonely and helpless.

Time passed quickly. It had been two months since they came back from S City. For the past two months, Debbie and Evan had hardly met each other. Evan always left early and returned late at night. Also, he barely had lunch or dinner at home. Therefore, only at breakfast could Debbie see him. However, even at breakfast, Debbie could hardly speak to him, for he had to talk to Jim and Joanna during this precious time. After all, the time for breakfast was tight.

Late at night every day, she would toss and turn for a long while instead of falling into sleep until Evan gently pushed the door open and his footsteps reached her ears. Only after Evan took a shower, changed his clothes, and lay down on the bed did Debbie sleep soundly. Although they were on the same bed, they looked distant. They had never touched each other physically, not even saying good night, but for some reason, Debbie couldn't fall asleep without feeling Evan's breath.

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