Chapter 7 Warmth

Debbie felt less pain in her belly than before. She leaned her face against Evan's chest and heard his heart beating faster and more strongly... A wave of sleepiness came over Debbie, and she began to lose consciousness. The warm and powerful embrace made her feel very safe and protected. She soon fell asleep.

Hearing the sound of even breathing coming from his arms, Evan looked down to find that Debbie had fallen asleep and there was still a slight smile on her face. Evan smiled. He gently put her on the bed, pulled the quilt over her, and finally lowered his head to kiss her forehead.

Then he gently stepped into the bathroom. It seemed that he was going to take a cold shower tonight! He didn't expect this young girl to have an addictive feel. Evan suddenly had an interest in Debbie!

The next morning, the sun shone on the big bed in the bedroom.

Debbie opened her sleepy eyes and stretched. She looked at the clock on the wall and surprisingly find it was already past nine! Her belly hurt so much last night. She had three periods, each of which made her more painful. She turned to see where Evan slept. Evan's quilt was neatly folded! He had already gone to work by this time.

Debbie remembered how tightly Evan hugged her last night and blushed. She only remembered that he hugged her for a while, and then she fell asleep. In her sleep, someone seemed to kiss her forehead. Debbie herself couldn't figure out whether Evan kissed her, or maybe it was in her sweet dream!

At this time, the door was gently knocked on twice.

"Come in!" Debbie shouted facing the door.

The next moment, Nanny Anna opened the door and came in with a maid.

"Mrs. White, how are you feeling? Any better? Is your belly still hurting?" Nanny Anna walked to the bed with concern.

"How do you know my hurting?" Debbie asked doubtfully. She didn't tell anyone else.

"Mr. White told me before he left this morning. He also asked me to make you a cup of raspberry leaf tea! It does work. Drink it while it's hot! Or it'll be useless." Nanny Anna beckoned the maid behind to hand over a cup of steaming tea.

"Okay!" Debbie took the cup and drank carefully. The raspberry leaf tea was hot and sweet. And Debbie felt enveloped in a sweeter mood. She got the concern of Evan, a usually cold person.

"Remember not to touch cold water these days! Mrs. White, we're gonna go." Nanny Anna went out with the maid.

Sitting at her nightstand and sipping on the tea, Debbie felt a ripple in her heart.

That night, Debbie made an exception not to fall asleep early. She leaned against the bed and switched channels at random. But she didn't focus on the TV. She looked out of the window from time to time to see if there was any car light shining in. She was waiting for Evan subconsciously! All day long, her mind was filled with his figure! She took out all of his photos taken from his childhood to adulthood in the bedroom. It turned out that when he was a child, he was short and fat, completely different from what he looked like when he grew up! Amused, Debbie had a desire to know everything about him for the first time.

Debbie knew that they were just in a contractual relationship. When the contract terminated, they would never meet again. He was a pedestalled president from a rich family, while she was small and humble as the daughter of a fisherman! Although her mind was extremely clear, Debbie couldn't resist thinking about Evan. She was even waiting for him. She didn't know what was wrong with her, but wanted to see him that night!

When the clock needle pointed to twelve, Evan was still not back.

Debbie looked out the window, but there was no car light. Debbie gasped and turned to the TV. Watching the midnight soap opera, she could barely keep her eyes open...

Time passed to two o'clock. Evan gently pushed the door and saw Debbie sleeping leaning against the bed. Turning to look at the TV, he frowned slightly. (Why does she sleep so late tonight?)

Evan turned the TV off and quickly pulled on his pajamas. He had already taken a shower in the hotel just now. That night, he got a hotel room with a famous model after dinner. He got satisfaction. But it was strange that he knew very well the person was not Debbie, but her face suddenly slipped through his mind. On the way back, he was missing Debbie. He wondered did she fall asleep?

Evan walked to Debbie and gently took the remote control from her hand. Staring at her, he bent down and pulled the quilt for her. At this moment, Debbie shifted. Evan immediately walked to the other side of the bed.

"Why are you back so late?" Debbie opened her sleepy eyes and blurted out when she saw Evan in his pajamas. But she instantly regretted it! Does she ask as his contractual wife?

Evan was bemused, not expecting Debbie to ask such a question. After a moment of hesitation, Evan glanced at Debbie and said faintly, "There was a dinner I couldn't refuse tonight." Then he went to the bed, pulled the quilt over, and turned off the wall lamp.

Lying on the edge of the bed, Evan was no longer sleepy. His deep eyes stared at the shimmering starlight outside. His thoughts drifted away. They didn't speak much in the two months, but he heard a hint of concern, complaint, and inquiry in her tone. It was the first time he knew how it feels that a woman was waiting for him at home in eight years. Eight years ago, he gave all his affection to a woman.

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