Chapter 10 Charming Curves

Evan looked at the smile on her face, took off his raincoat, and said coldly. "So what do you want to come running here now?"

"I got lost and it suddenly started to rain..." Suddenly, a lightning bolt flashed in the sky, illuminating the area around the hut and interrupting Debbie's words.

By the light of the lightning, Evan and Debbie got a good look at each other. As they looked at each other, a thunderclap rang out with a deafening roar.

“Ah!” Debbie screamed and threw herself into Evan's arms, her arms then wrapped around his neck. Since Evan was 6'2", too tall for Debbie, she stood on her tiptoes and hooked her arms around his neck. She didn't notice that the blanket she was wearing slipped off her as she jumped out of bed because she was afraid of thunder.

"Are you seducing me?" Evan glanced down teasingly at Debbie in his arms.

"No..." Debbie reacted immediately, withdrawing her arms in panic and stepping back to stand in front of him. However, because her lingering shock had not yet subsided, she did not know how she should respond.

Debbie did not anticipate that her actions would seduce Evan even more, while Evan was staring at her slender figure with a deep gaze in the flickering candlelight.

When Debbie caught Evan's gaze, she reacted quickly, bending down to pick up the blanket and draping it over her body. She flushed and secretly blamed herself. (Why did I suddenly forget I wasn't dressed? I was so useless as to be startled by a thunderbolt!)

The room was so quiet that only the sound of their breathing could be heard.

Evan took off his suit jacket and put it on the back of his chair, then took out his cell phone and dialed the number. "Mom, it's too rainy out there, so Debbie and I need to stay here overnight." As he hung up the phone, he set it down on the table.

"Are we going to stay here overnight?" Debbie sat in the corner and asked him nervously.

"It's not safe to go home now. We're likely to get struck by lightning." Evan sat casually in the chair.

"Well... Ah!" At that moment, Debbie was startled again by the thunder outside the house, starting to scream.

Evan's corner of his lips hooked, revealing a light smile. He sat down on the bed and reached out to Debbie, who was curled up in the corner. At that moment, a lightning bolt illuminated the space. Debbie did not have time to think, then quickly jumped into Evan's arms. At the same time, she clutched the blanket on her body.

When a thunderclap rang out, Debbie wrapped one arm tightly around Evan's waist and pulled the blanket over her body with the other, while Evan sniffed lightly at the light, natural, comforting scent of her body and glanced down at Debbie's exquisite face with her eyes closed and pressed against his chest. (Her eyelashes are really long and curved, which makes her look like a doll!)

He reached out and stroked Debbie's soft black hair, rubbing his chin gently against her forehead, feeling a warm feeling in his heart that he hadn't felt in a long time. (For the first time in the past eight years, I have developed special feelings for a woman.)

Meanwhile, Debbie leaned into Evan's warm embrace, no longer feeling cold and scared, and her heart was racing because she felt Evan's manly scent. (If I could, I would never want to leave his embrace. However, I know that it is just my delusion. On the other hand, I'm going to stay with him tonight!) Noticing that Evan's shirt did not smell like perfume left by other women, Debbie smiled brightly and sweetly.

Evan froze for a moment when he looked down and saw Debbie's pretty smile. At that moment, a lightning bolt flashed again, and her smile was illuminated by the light. When the lightning disappeared, Evan looked down and gently kissed her smiling lips before the thunder came.

Debbie, unable to think because of Evan's movements, held her breath and nervously submitted to his movements, the blanket slipping off her body because of her lack of movement. (I was kissed by my crush for the first time!) Debbie couldn't tell if she was currently feeling nervous, excited, or shy.

Thunder followed, and Debbie was so frightened by the loud thunder that she unconsciously reached around Evan's neck.

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