Dating Mr. One-Night Stand

Chapter 1 Forced Marriage, No Regrets

"Lynn, you bitch. I am telling you, you can't just regret your engagement with the Laris family. You'll have to marry even if you don't want to!"

"Did the Laris family treat you badly? They have raised you for so many years. So it's reasonable for you to give a hand to your father, isn't it? You are just as cheap as your dead mother!"

"Bitch, you're still running. Stop right there. Do you hear me..."

The roar of her stepmother, Christine Langston, came from behind. Lynn Aagard fastened the belts of her schoolbag on her back and ran away from the Aagard family without looking back.

As soon as she came back from school, her father and stepmother told her that they had arranged a marriage for her and wanted to marry her to someone in a rich family called the Laris family.

Lynn never believed that Christine would do such a good thing to her instead of her own daughter, Kimberly Aagard. Sure enough, after asking her, Lynn learned that the person she was going to marry was the old man of the Laris family in his fifties!

It was too much! She was only 23 years old, and her father wanted to marry her to a man older than himself!

Thinking of this, Lynn’s eyes turned a little red.

Christine had not chased her out anymore. Lynn turned a corner and walked into the alley next to her. Not long after he walked, she suddenly heard an unusual muffled hum.

"What is it?!"

Lynn paused and pricked up her ears to hear the sound... Someone seemed to be injured?

Thinking about it, Lynn couldn't help but follow the source of the sound. There were no street lights in the alley. It was already dark. Under the clear moonlight, only a black car could be seen.

It seemed that the sound was coming from the car?

Lynn thought and walked forward. The window was not closed. She asked directly, "Hello, what's going on? Do you need help?"

There was a man sitting in the driver's seat. It was too dark to see his face clearly. She could only vaguely feel his sharp gaze.

This man seemed to have been in a high position for a long time. His aura was so domineering that she was overwhelmed by the aura he gave off even though she couldn't see her face clearly.

"Do you... Need help?" Lynn hesitated and bit her lip, "I can call 110 for you!"

As she spoke, she was about to take out her phone from her pocket.

"No need..." The man spoke, his voice a little low and hoarse, but he seemed to be suppressing something, "Get in the car. There's a medical kit in my back seat. Help me take it..."

Lynn nodded, feeling a little uncomfortable, but seeing that he really didn't feel well, she opened the back door and sat in. Then she groped around and finally found a box under the seat.

This should be the medical kit!

"I found it!" Lynn said in surprise, "Which medicine is it? Can you turn on the lights in the car? I can't see it clearly!"

As she spoke, she was about to open the medical kit and find the medicine for the man.

Unexpectedly, the man loosed his seat belt and took a step directly to sit next to her. Then he rolled over and pressed her down...

His burning body was close to her, and she had a strange feeling. Lynn was shocked, "You... You..."

"I'm sorry, I can't help it..." The man whispered in her ear, then lost his patience and lowered his head to kiss her on the lips.

"Uh, uh... Ah, no..." Lynn panicked. At this moment, she realized what this man was trying to do.

"Don't refuse me. Help me..." The man's eyes were red, and then...

"Ah, bastard, let go of me..." Lynn struggled and refused, but she could not break free. She could not help but cry.

The man kissed her eyes with his lips and said domineeringly, "Don't cry!"

Then, he...

"Ah -"

"You are a virgin?" The man paused abruptly and became much gentler subconsciously, "I'll be careful not to hurt you..."

An hour later, Samuel Laris, the man, finally let go of Lynn with a satisfied growl...

Sensing that the man was finally over, Lynn hurriedly grabbed the clothes next to her. With no time to wipe the tears on her face, she hurriedly put the clothes on her body, opened the door, and prepared to run out of the car.

When Samuel noticed that she was leaving, he reached out to grab her wrist, "Don't go!"

"Ah... Let me go, you bastard. I won't let you go away with it!" Lynn was so scared that she quickly pinched him with both hands and smashed his hand with her schoolbag.

Samuel subconsciously let go. Lynn took the opportunity, grabbed her bag, and ran away in a hurry, not even daring to look back.

"Hey girl, I will make it up for you!" Samuel wanted to chase after her, but suddenly felt that it was not appropriate, so he stopped.

"Bastard, I don't want you to make it up for me!" She thought.

Lynn couldn't help but cry again. She ran to the Aagard family quickly. It was not far from the Aagard family, and at this moment, she was disheveled and had no place to go...

She felt regret for being kind. The worst thing in the Aagard family was just being beaten up by Christine, which was much better than losing her virginity to a strange man!

She didn't even see clearly the man's look. She could only vaguely feel his eyes were sharp and his aura was unusually cold...

Who... Could this man be?

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