Chapter 7 I Didn't Mean to Be Your Stepmother

Could it be that he didn't give her a decent wedding? But his wedding was only for the person he really wanted to marry, such as the owner of the jade pendant in the car that day!

He couldn't give the wedding to a woman who married him for profit!

Lynn was even more aggrieved by hearing Samuel's fierce words. She bit her lips and calmed down after a long time. She argued, "Why did you yell at me? Do you think I want to marry into your family to be your stepmother? I'm only 23 years old, okay? I could have found a boyfriend, fallen in love, and married normally, but now you have ruined it..."

Samuel's face darkened. What was this woman talking about? Marrying into their family to be his stepmother?

Did she think she married Samuel's father?

What on earth did she think of herself? Did she even want to look for a boyfriend?

If Samuel called Lynn mom, how dared she answer?

Damn it!

"You think you're my... stepmother?" Samuel asked with a sullen face and gritted his teeth.

"Don't call me mom. I don't have a son as old as you!" Lynn snorted coldly and glared at him, "I don't care why your father insisted that I marry into your family. Let me tell you, there's no way if you want to bully me!"


Samuel's face darkened instantly. He was so angry with this woman that he was about to laugh out. Was she an idiot? She still didn't know who she married.

"Hey, do you want to die?" Samuel immediately stood up, stepped forward and grabbed Lynn's chin, rubbing and pinching it hard in his hand.

"Ahem... Ahem..." Lynn was pinched so hard by him and didn't expect this man to be so ruthless, but she wouldn't admit defeat, "I... I'm telling the truth..."

"Very well!" Samuel laughed angrily and his face darkened. Seeing that Lynn was so hurt that her face turned green, he shook her off and said coldly, "From now on, you will do everything that a stepmother should do!"

Lynn was bemused. Before she could understand what Samuel meant, she saw Samuel turn around and go upstairs with a piercingly cold aura on him.

What the hell? Lynn just wanted to gain his sympathy and build a good relationship with him. What was going on now? Was he not going to have dinner?

"Humph! I'll have dinner myself!" Lynn muttered as she continued to eat the food on the table and took another bite of the drumstick.

On the second floor, Samuel stared at Lynn, who was eating with relish downstairs. Samuel was even angrier, "This damned woman! She made me so angry and is eating so happily now!"

Glancing at Lynn indifferently, Samuel was going to enter the room angrily. However, he saw the woman stand up from the table after dinner. Because the clothes on Lynn were short, her white legs were standing straight there, partly hidden and partly visible, and especially...

The veins on Samuel's forehead throbbed. This damned woman came out dressed like this!

If Samuel didn't teach her a lesson, she would forget the existence of her new husband!

After dinner, Lynn went for a walk in the garden to help digestion.

Uncle Talty rearranged the room for her. When she returned to the room, as soon as she lay on the bed, a figure flashed in.

Lynn was bewildered. He looked at the man who was approaching her step by step and widened her eyes, "What... What are you doing here? This is my room!"

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