Chapter 3 The Wedding Will Be in Three Days

When Lynn went back home, it was almost 11 p.m. The lights in the living room were off. She went upstairs quietly, feeling lucky that no one saw her like this.

Lynn opened the door of her own room and before she could breathe a sigh of relief, she saw Kimberly, her half-sister, sitting in her room with her legs crossed.

"Why are you in my room? Get out!" Lynn got furious and walked in.

Kimberly never liked her. She did not believe that Kimberly came to her room to do anything good.

"I am waiting for you, of course!" Kimberly curled her lips disdainfully and jumped out of bed. She twisted her waist and smiled proudly, "I heard you will get married soon. I come here to congratulate you. Haha..."

"You!" Lynn was so angry. Her father and stepmother had always been biased. Kimberly was older than her, but they asked her to marry the old Mr. Laris.

"Kimberly, get out of here now!" Lynn was infuriated and raised her hand to drag Kimberly.

Kimberly suddenly took a step back and looked up and down at Lynn for a long time. "Well, I wonder why you came back so late? You must go out on a date. Judging from the marks on your body, I bet you must have a good time tonight. But that's right. You're about to marry an old man who is in his sixties. You'd better go out and have some fun. Otherwise, no one will satisfy you after you get married. And you can't cheat on your husband. Haha..."

Lynn was so angry that her face turned red. She clenched her fists and roared, "I won't marry him. If someone must marry him, it will be you!"

Kimberly suddenly changed her expression. She narrowed her eyes and said disdainfully, "Lynn, let me tell you, you are the one who the Laris family specifically wants. The wedding will be in three days. You have to get married! Don't forget that you still have an idiotic brother. If you refuse, I will ask mom and dad to stop giving that idiot medicine and send him to the asylum. It's your choice! How dare you want me to marry that old man? You are insane!"

After saying that, Kimberly left the room without looking back.

Lynn stood there in a daze. The Laris family wanted her specifically? And the wedding will be in three days?

Why? Why were they so hurry?

She thought that the Laris family just needed someone from her family to marry Mr. Laris, but now, in order to get the support of the Laris family, her father would force her to accept his decision. Besides, her younger brother, Victor, just recovered a little. If he couldn't take medicine anymore...

Lynn could not imagine the result. She could not hurt her brother.

After Kimberly left, Lynn quickly went to the bathroom to take a shower, trying to wash away the marks that the man had left on her.

After a long time, Lynn came out of the bathroom. She still couldn't sleep after getting her hair dried, so she went to her Victor's room.

Lynn opened the door and found Victor had already fallen asleep, but the light in his room was not off.

Lynn walked to the bed and quietly looked at Victor. Victor was an outstanding boy since he was a child because of his high intelligence and good look. He was even more exquisite than a girl. Lynn had never seen anyone so cute as his brother.

Victor closed his eyes tightly and his eyelashes were so long. His side face was handsome, angular, and noble. There was no flaw on his face, and his skin was as delicate as a baby's.

He was such a perfect person, but he had autism when he was eight. He became afraid of getting along with others, especially strangers. He was receiving treatment and taking medicine now. The doctor said that he was getting better. How could she give him up?

Thinking about it, Lynn clenched her fists. She believed that if she didn't give in, they would really stop treating Victor... So, she had no choice!

"Vic, you have to get better!" Lynn could not help muttering.

Victor seemed to hear her words and snorted softly as a promise. He even turned around to hold Lynn's hand.

Lynn could not help but smile. She tucked Victor in and wanted to leave. However, Victor held her hand very tightly and did not let go. Lynn struggled for minutes and finally gave up. She leaned against his bed and fell asleep.

[The next morning]

When Lynn woke up, she found that she had returned to her room. She looked around in surprise and saw Victor.

"Lynn, are you awake?" Seeing Lynn wake up, Victor felt happy and smiled handsomely.

Lynn couldn't help but curl the corners of her lips. She asked, "Did you bring me back?"

"Yes!" Victor nodded. Then, he seemed to think of something and pinched his lips, saying, "Lynn, they said you are going to marry an old man who is even older than father. Is that true?"

Lynn felt shocked. Needless to say, it must be Kimberly who told him. Bitch!

"No, it's not true." Lynn subconsciously denied. Seeing Victor looking at her with his innocent eyes, Lynn said guiltily, "I just need to work at someone else's house. I will come back after work..."

Victor was very happy and hugged Lynn, "I knew Kimberly was lying to me. You are the best. You won't marry an old man!"

"Well..." Lynn was very guilty, but it was not easy to tell Victor the truth, so she could only say, "Victor, don't ever believe Kimberly's words, okay? I will take care of you."

"I know!" Victor nodded and said, "I only believe in you, Lynn!"

Lynn held Victor's hand in satisfaction. Victor was 20 years old this year. They all said he was a fool, but she didn't believe it. He was just pure and kind, living in his own world. Besides, his IQ was extraordinary. She would definitely help her cure his autism!

One day, Victor would get better and surprise everyone!

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