Chapter 11 Who the Hell Was This Man?

The next day, Lynn heard a knock on the door when she just woke up.

Lynn opened the door and saw Uncle Talty standing respectfully at the door. She asked immediately, "Uncle Talty, Is there anything I can do for you?"

Uncle Talty said respectfully, "Mrs. Laris, Mr. Laris has ordered us to buy some new clothes for you. Now the clothes have arrived. I'll have someone move them in for you."

Samuel ordered?

Lynn's was a little moved, so she didn't say no. She saw Uncle Talty instructing the servants to bring a lot of clothes into the room in an orderly manner.

As she was about to tidy up the clothes, Uncle Talty immediately stopped her.

"Mrs. Laris, please take a rest on the sofa. I'll send some maids to do that for you." Then, he went out to find someone.

Soon, he brought a few maids in to fold all the clothes neatly and put them into the wardrobe.

Lynn sat on the sofa. When she saw that they had finished tidying up, she couldn't help but ask, "Uncle Talty, I saw these clothes are all my size, but I just came to this house in a short time. How did you know my size?"

Uncle Talty did not hide it and explained directly, "Mr. Laris told me."

Lynn was a little shocked and felt embarrassed.

Samuel told him? But I have never told him my size. How did he know?

Suddenly, it hit her that she was pressed on the bed by Samuel last night. Her shirt was very thin, so he probably saw her whole body.

Thinking of this, Lynn felt a little ashamed.

She was now Samuel's stepmother, but she did such a thing with him. If anyone knew about it, what would they think of her?

She made up her mind that if she saw him again, she must keep a distance!

As she was lost in thought, Uncle Talty reminded her, "Mrs. Laris, dinner is ready. Don't forget to come down for dinner later."

Lynn nodded and watched them leave. Then she picked out a suit from the wardrobe and put it on. After washing up, she went downstairs.

Uncle Talty already moved the chair for her when he saw her. After Lynn sat down, he went to the kitchen and asked the servants to bring the food to the table.

Looking at all kinds of delicacies on the table, Lynn swallowed her saliva and was about to eat. Suddenly, she realized Samuel was not here, so she looked up and asked, "Uncle Talty, I haven't seen Samuel since I got up in the morning. Where has he been all this time?"

Seeing that she finally remembered Mr. Laris, Uncle Talty felt a little relieved. He replied gently, "Mr. Laris woke up early in the morning and went to the company."

No wonder she didn't see him in the morning!

"When will he come back?" Lynn asked.

Uncle Talty supposed she missed Samuel and didn't want to be separated from him for too long, so he began to comfort her, "Mr. Laris will be back at night. Mrs. Laris, if you are bored, I can show you around the house after dinner."

Sensing Uncle Talty's kindness, Lynn curled her lips and said softly, "Thank you, Uncle Talty."

"You're welcome. This is what I should do."

Lynn continued to eat. Thinking that Samuel was not at home and she did not have to face his cold face during the day, she was relieved and felt her appetite was better.

After dinner, Lynn went upstairs. When she reached the stairs on the second floor, a crisp sound of wind bell suddenly came to her ears. She thought she had an illusion.

But when she reached the third floor, the sound became clearer and clearer, mixed with other sounds. At this time, she was sure that she didn't have an illusion. The sound was coming from upstairs.

Jingle...tick, tick...

The crisp and lively sound seemed to have some kind of bewitching magic, gradually disturbing Lynn's heart.

She remembered that when she first arrived at the house, the butler specifically reminded her that no one was allowed to enter the room with blue wind bells on the fourth floor, including her.

Listening carefully, she was sure that there was someone in the room, but Samuel was not at home...

Who could enter that room besides him?

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