Chapter 10 Any News About That Woman?

Faced with his father's questioning, Samuel explained helplessly, "Dad, we're really fine. Don't think too much..."

He could only say that. Otherwise, according to the Senior Mr. Laris's temper, he would be nagged by him all night.

Perhaps his words worked. Senior Mr. Laris stopped asking this question and tried to persuade him, "I know you have a problem with the marriage I arranged for you. In fact, the reason why I like that girl from the Aagard family so much is you."

Samuel Laris was puzzled and asked directly, "What do you mean by that?"

When Senior Mr. Laris insisted that he marry Lynn, Samuel was reluctant to do so, so he did not arrange a luxurious wedding, nor did he personally go to the Aagard family to marry her home.

Because he had never admitted her as his wife in his heart, he had never touched her after getting married.

Senior Mr. Laris sighed, "Only she can suppress the animosity in your body!"

After saying this, Senior Mr. Laris paused for a moment and continued, "Lynn is the only woman in A City who matches you in terms of birthday with pure yin physique. Just finding someone like her took the Laris family great efforts, but fortunately, we found her so that the violent energy in your body can be restrained!"

After hearing Senior Mr. Laris's words, Samuel subconsciously retorted, "Impossible!"

"What's impossible?" Senior Mr. Laris asked doubtfully.

Samuel was stunned. Then he realized what he had said. He cleared his throat and replied faintly, "I mean, although there aren't many women with this kind of physique, Lynn can't be the only one. Maybe... Maybe there is another one. We just haven't found her."

Samuel was sure because nothing happened to that woman that night they had sex, which meant that she also had the pure yin physique but was not found by the Laris family.

"Okay!" Senior Mr. Laris's voice came again, "Whether she's the only one or not, since you two are married, then hurry up and sleep with her. The violent energy in your body is getting stronger and stronger. This can't be delayed any longer. Do you hear me?!"

Faced with Senior Mr. Laris's order, Samuel said perfunctorily, "Dad, okay okay."

After hanging up the phone, Samuel could not help but breathe, thinking that the old man was getting more and more nagging.

But he knew deep down that he was doing it for his good. Samuel didn't want to disappoint him, but over this matter...

Samuel took out the jade pendant from the drawer and looked at it carefully, as if he wanted to find the woman's identity through the smell she left on the jade pendant.

He didn't love Lynn. If he hadn't experienced that night with that woman, maybe he would have accepted his fate.

Although he couldn't give her love, he could still treat her with respect.

But now, his heart was occupied by that woman. He didn't want anyone but her.

He knew nothing about who she was or where she lived now, but it didn't matter. That woman was destined to be Samuel's.

He would definitely find her!

Thinking about it, he called John, "Any news about the woman I asked you to find?"

Hearing him mention this, John answered honestly with a trace of guilt on his face, "Not yet. I've sent someone to all the jade shops in A City with the photo of this jade pendant. They all said that the style of this jade pendant is very old. It seems that it has been some years. There are no similar items in the market at present, so there are no useful clues at present."

After listening to John's report, Samuel was a little disappointed, but he didn't show it on his face. He just said, "It's okay. You send someone to continue searching and double the number of people on the original basis. Expend the scope of the search. You must find that woman as soon as possible!"

"Got it, young master."

Samuel looked at the jade pendant in his hand and said firmly, “Girl, no matter where you are, I will find you!"

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