Chapter 2 My Wedding Was Only for Her

Not long after Lynn left, John Zamani rushed to his boss, Samuel. On both sides of the black Lamborghini stood a row of bodyguards in black suits and trousers.

"Mr... Mr. Samuel..." John's legs trembled. Samuel had always been known for his decisiveness. Now John was very nervous when such a big thing had happened, "It's all because we're late. Damn it!"

"Mmm!" Samuel snorted and quietly smoked his cigar. There was no sign of joy or anger on his face.

John immediately stopped talking. It was hard to guess what Samuel was thinking.

After a long pause, Samuel spoke again after smoking the cigar, "It's none of your business. Don't blame yourself!"

There was a genetic disease in the Laris family. When a boy became an adult, he would get sick every full moon night. Tonight, the moon was full, but Samuel... Instead of taking the medicine, he slept with a woman.

He had always been abstinent, but he didn't expect to have sex with that woman.

That woman... Could she help him with his illness? Otherwise, why didn't he get sick today?

Thinking about that woman, Samuel felt satisfied and a little bit overwhelmed longing for her. This was the first time he had ever fallen in love with a woman.

Samuel was thinking about it when he suddenly touched something in his hand. He immediately picked it up and saw that it was an oval jade pendant.

Why was there such a thing in his car?

Needless to say, it must be left by that woman!

Then Samuel could not help but curl the corner of his lips and immediately handed the jade pendant to John, "Find the owner of this jade pendant. I want her!"

John was dazed, taking the jade pendant and immediately saying, "Yes!"

He did not expect Samuel did not punish them nor did Samuel lose his temper. Besides, Samuel seemed to be in a very good mood...

Was it because of the owner of this jade pendant?

John felt a little strange, but he didn't dare to ask more. He suddenly thought of something and said, "By the way, boss, Senior Mr. Laris found the woman and has arranged a wedding for you in three days!"

"What?" Samuel was shocked, not expecting his father to be so fast.

But thinking of the Laris family's secret, John couldn't stop his father, so he said, "Tell me about her!"


John had already prepared something and quickly took it from another man and handed it to Samuel.

When Samuel opened the file, he saw the sweet smile on Lynn's face on her id card... This smile was so soul-stirring...

Was this the wife his father had found for him?

Continuing to read the file about Lynn's information, Samuel knew something about her.

"The second daughter of the Aagard family, the campus belle of A University. Okay, I see. That's it! Find me the owner of this jade pendant as soon as possible!" Samuel said, returning the file about Lynn to John.

"Yes!" John took it and nodded.

Samuel was about to leave when he suddenly thought of something and added, "John, tell my father that I will marry that woman, but... The wedding should be canceled!"

"Ah?" John was stunned.

"What? Is there a problem?" Samuel squinted.

"No... No problem..." John wondered, anyway, Samuel was the one who would marry so he could do whatever he wanted!

Samuel drove back to the Laris family with satisfaction. He didn't care much about his father finding a wife for him! But at the wedding, he only wanted to hold ceremony for the person he wanted to marry!

The Laris family just used the woman named Lynn for its own good, and the person Samuel promised to really care for was that woman who had just slept with a man like him for her whole life!

Thinking of that woman, Samuel couldn't help but curl his lips, thinking "Little girl, don't run away. I'll find you!"

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