Chapter 4 A Strong and Domineering Man

Three days later, the wedding took place.

Lynn originally thought that the wedding of the Laris family, a rich family in A City, should be the focus of attention. She did not expect that only two wedding cars came.

But it was exactly what she wanted. No one would know about this low-key wedding.

Lynn wore a wedding dress and quietly got into the wedding car with Thomas' help.

"Lynn..." Thomas held her hand, reluctant to part.

Lynn felt disgusted. If Thomas really didn't want to part with her, he wouldn't have married her to a man older than he was.

"I'll take good care of Victor!" Thomas said.

Lynn withdrew her hand and nodded. This was also her wish. She didn't care what Thomas and Christine did to her. But Victor was a male descendant of the Aagard family. She only hoped that Victor would get better.

The wedding car drove to the Laris family. Only then did Lynn realize that there was no wedding.

Entering the Laris family and getting out of the car, Lynn was a little confused. At this time, an old man came out of the house.

"Hello, Mrs. Laris!" The old man stepped forward and said respectfully, "I'm the butler of the Laris family. You can call me Mr. Talty!"

Lynn was surprised. "Did you call me Mrs. Laris?"

Mr. Talty nodded, "Yeah. Mrs. Laris, you've married into the Laris family. That's what I'm supposed to call you!"

Lynn nodded. It occurred to her that there was no marriage ceremony. It felt like no one cared about the wedding.

Mr. Talty, a little embarrassed, had to explain, "Mr. Laris wanted a simple wedding. We have to follow his orders!"

Lynn suddenly understood. Senior Mr. Laris was so old that he must have a son. He wanted to marry a wife, and it was normal for his son not to agree to make a big fuss. After all, this was really not a glorious thing.

After figuring it out, Lynn smiled gently, "It's okay. Since it's Mr. Laris' idea, then follow his wishes!"

"Mrs. Laris, you're so reasonable!" Mr. Talty nodded approvingly, very satisfied.

He thought Lynn, gentle and quiet, was a perfect match for Samuel.

"Please come in, Mrs. Laris!" Mr. Talty smiled and led the way. As he walked, he said, "Mrs. Laris, you arrived so early. You haven't eaten yet, have you? I'll have someone make you breakfast!"

Lynn touched her stomach. She was really hungry, so she nodded.

After Lynn had a rich breakfast at the Laris family, Mr. Talty took her around the house and told her some rules and taboos.

"Mr. Talty, thank you!" Lynn said quickly. The Laris family was too big. Her legs felt weak after she walked around the house. At this moment, she returned to the living room and wanted to find a place to rest quickly.

Mr. Talty saw that Lynn was really tired. He couldn't help but laugh, "Mrs. Laris, your room is ready. It's the third room on the second floor!"

"Great!" Lynn said quickly, "Mr. Talty, can I..."

"Go and rest!" Mr. Talty nodded, "I'll call you at lunch time!"

Lynn was grateful and rushed upstairs.

Mr. Talty smiled and suddenly thought of something. He added, "Mrs. Laris, I almost forgot. There's another taboo. You can't enter a room with wind chimes. Mr. Laris will be angry!"

"Okay, wind bells. I see!" Lynn turned around and could not help but curl her lips. This Mr. Laris was really difficult to deal with. There were so many rules.

Forget it. She was here to be his stepmother. She just wanted him to be an obedient son and wouldn't argue with him.

Just as Lynn was thinking about it, she suddenly heard the tinkling of the wind chimes.

She subconsciously looked at the source of the sound. It was at the door of a room on the fourth floor. There was a string of purple wind bells hanging on the door in the wind. Was this the room that the butler specifically told her not to enter?

What was in that mysterious room?

Lynn was a little distracted as she thought about it. When she came back to her senses, she shook her head violently. Damn it, what was she thinking? She wanted to peek into the mysterious room. Didn't Mr. Talty say that Mr. Laris would be angry? She'd better not get into trouble!

Lynn hurriedly returned to her room and fell asleep on the big bed. She didn't even take a shower.

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