Chapter 9 Come and Serve Me

Before he could finish his sentence, Lynn hurriedly interrupted and explained, "No! I really didn't! I didn't know that it was your room, nor did I know that it was your clothes. It's my fault and I will return the clothes to you. I'm sorry..."

After hearing her explanation, Samuel frowned and snorted, "Do you still want to return the clothes you've worn to me?"

Lynn didn't know what to say.

Lynn couldn't help but recall the rumour she had heard before that Mr. Laris was a neat freak...

The rumour said he never got close to women. Several times, some infatuated pursuers got too close to Samuel and he asked someone to throw them directly into the sea. It was said that Mr. Laris disliked the smell on their bodies, so he let them take a good bath in the sea...

At that time, she didn't believe it, but now it seemed to be true... Samuel really had a lot of bad habits!

Lynn only dared to complain in her heart. After all, she was living in Samuel's house now!

Thinking of this, Lynn put on an understanding smile and said gently, "Well... I've already taken a shower before. If you still can't tolerate it, I'll wash your shirt and return it to you later, okay?"

Hearing her sincere words, Samuel glanced sideways at her and replied coldly, "Well, take it off and wash it off immediately!"

Lynn wanted to take off the clothes immediately but soon remembered that she had no clothes to change at all. What should she wear with the shirt off?

She didn't bring the clothes at the Aagard family over because she was in a hurry then.

Lynn felt hopeless in an instant...

Seeing her dawdling, Samuel showed an impatient expression and looked at her with disdain, "Did you say you didn't want to seduce me? Didn't you hear me ask you to take off my clothes?"

As Samuel said, he reached out to unbutton her clothes.

Lynn sensed his intention and resisted desperately. She grabbed the buttons of her shirt with both hands and was so scared that she almost cried out. She said loudly, "I'm not trying to seduce you! I... I really don't have any clothes to change..."

Hearing what she said, Samuel stopped and looked at her pitiful look. He suddenly remembered that she had just married the Laris family.

So he frowned, slowly got up from her and said in a cold voice, "Don't touch my things anymore. Tomorrow, I'll ask the butler to send you new clothes. If there's anything else you don't know, just ask him. And..."

Speaking of this, he paused for a moment and glanced coldly at her. He looked at her long, smooth, seductive, and beautiful legs that were exposed to the air and said in a clearly lowered tone, "Don't dress like this and walk around casually anymore. Since you are married here, you'd better behave yourself and not do anything that will damage my image, or I won't let you go!"

After saying that, Samuel ignored Lynn and turned to leave.

Until Samuel completely left the room, Lynn was finally relieved, but recalling what he had just said, she felt a little aggrieved.

Who did he think he was?

She was the elder.

Only his father should be in charge of her. It was not appropriate for him to say such words to her stepmother as a junior. How rude! Bastard!


After Samuel left the room, he went straight to the study.

As soon as he sat down, his phone suddenly rang.

Seeing the caller id, Samuel answered the phone and asked first, "Dad, what do you want from me so late at night?"

As soon as he finished speaking, an old and dignified voice came from, "I don't see you often. Can't I just call you if I don't have something to ask for?!"

Hearing his father's complaints, Samuel's mouth twitched and he rubbed his swollen temples. He said helplessly, "Dad, you know I don't mean that. What's the matter? I have to work."

Seeing him say that, Senior Mr. Laris, who was on the other end of the phone, snorted and asked, "How are you doing with that girl from the Aagard family?"

Hearing him mention Lynn, Samuel subconsciously thought of Lynn's beautiful face and replied, "Not bad."

"What does that mean? Or are you two married for so long and haven't slept with each other?! Have you?!"

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