Chapter 12 A Mysterious Strange Man

Lynn walked upstairs with curiosity to the room with the blue wind chime hanging at the door on the fourth floor.

The door was ajar. The first thing she saw was a wide and comfortable black leather sofa. On the black sofa was a tall and slender man leaning against it. The man was holding a book in his hand, which covered half of his face, making her unable to see what he looked like.

At this moment, the blue wind chime hanging above her head suddenly shook more frequently. It began to slam against the door violently.

Lynn was shocked. There was no wind in the corridor. Why did the wind chime shake so violently?!

Most importantly, she was worried that the person inside would be woken up by this noise. She looked into the room.

The person inside must hear the noise, and he put down the book a little so that she could clearly see his appearance now. This person was...

It was Samuel!

Didn't he go to the company?

Why did he appear in the room on the fourth floor? Or had he ever left here?


Wait... Why were his eyes...


He looked exactly as Samuel, but...

Samuel's eyes were black, but this man's eyes were blue!

Lynn's eyes widened in shock. She was stunned by the strange scene in front of her. She stared straight at the man's face. Fear and doubt alternated in her heart, making her almost crazy!

All she wanted to know now was whether this person was Samuel Laris.

If not, what was the relationship between him and Samuel?!

Just then...

The man, who had been concentrating on reading, seemed to have noticed something. He suddenly raised his head and looked at Lynn through the door. She was so scared that she quickly hid behind the wall.

She recalled how he looked at her with his sharp eyes, and she began to feel uneasy and hard to breathe.

He should have seen her just now, right?!

What should she do?

What should she do?

Lynn leaned against the wall and thought nonsense. After a while, she found that he did not appear, and she felt relieved immediately.

"Perhaps... He didn't see me," Lynn comforted herself.

After a while, Lynn was sure that the man did not see her just now, so she gradually calmed down.

She slightly moved to the door and looked inside through the crack again, only to find that...

The man disappeared

Lynn couldn't believe it. She rubbed her eyes hard but still found the room empty.

She couldn't help but take two steps forward. She stood at the door, and she could see everything in the room.

The windows were all sealed. There were no cabinets or other things in the room for him to hide in. She guarded the door and did not see him go out. How did he leave?

Also, where did he go?

Lynn walked around the room to make sure that no one was there. She wondered if she was hallucinating just now.


Suddenly, a loud noise came from behind, so scary that she almost knelt on the ground.

She turned around and realized that the door had closed by itslef!

Lynn tensed up and walked tremblingly towards the door. Just as she was about to arrive at the door, she suddenly felt someone patting her shoulder. She turned around and saw a figure flying in the air!

It was the man with blue eyes!

However, before she could think about it, she found the man suddenly changing his direction and flying straight down to her!

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