Her Wicked CEO

Chapter 1 Divorce

"The day before yesterday, the president of the LK Group, Liam, was caught hanging out with Eve, a young model, who recently debuted. Photos of the two kissing on a luxury yacht were captured where they spent a sweet night there..."

All local media was bombarded with the news and gossips that had gone viral all over the city and on the Internet.

A young woman sat silently on the sofa. She was wearing a grey-blue uniform with her hair curled up in a graceful French style. Her eyes were captivating and seductive but were shadowed by a pair of black, thick glasses. Clearly, she was old-fashioned, or she tried to be.

However, regardless of her dressing, it was easy to tell that she was definitely a beauty. Her eyes, deep and dreamy, were just like the beautiful sunset on the tranquil sea. One look would make people be obsessed.

The woman remained emotionless watching the news.

This made the housemaid, Grace, anxious. She stood beside uneasy, greatly concerned about what the young lady was thinking.

Abigail Swift and Liam Jones had been married for a year, but the latter had never come back home. The only things that came home from time to time were his scandals.

"Abi, these might be fake news made by those wicked paparazzi. They were talking nonsense. Please don't believe them..." Grace tried her best to comfort her.

Abigail knew very well whether the news was valid.

She didn't say anything in response. With a bitter smile, she took out her phone and dialed the familiar number.

Immediately , the phone went through.

"Hello..." A cold yet charismatic voice emitted from the other end.

"It's me," Abigail answered emotionlessly.

"What do you want this time?" Hearing her voice, the owner of the cold and charismatic voice lost his patience immediately and growled in agitation.

"Are you coming back tonight? I need to talk to you." Abigail replied unhurriedly.

"I really and absolutely don't want to go back to see your ugly face. It makes me sick!" Liam said rudely.

Recalling Abigail's appearance made him lose his appetite.

Hearing his harsh words, Abigail clenched her hand, "But we are married!"

"Abigail, I warned you. You'd better not say anything about our marriage. We got married out of a business interest rather than love. Don't you know that? The fact that we're married is a great shame to me. I wish I could divorce you!" The man on the other end of the line yelled.


"Liam, I've always been faithful and never done anything wrong after I got married to you. What excuses do you have to divorce me?" Abigail refuted in anger.

"Just because you disgust me!"

"You…! Fine. In that case, let's divorce then." Abigail responded.

Her response surprised the man from the other end of the line. "Finally."

"It's you who asked for a divorce. So, you should be the one who pays the price. Don't use our divorce to mess with the Swift Group!" Abigail said.

All the man wanted was to leave her, so he didn't think much about it. He promised hurriedly, "Okay, as long as you sign the divorce agreement!"

"I will, but I hope you keep your promise!"

"No problem!"

Without another word, the man hung up the phone.

Grace, standing right beside her, heard everything clearly. Their conversation was a huge burden to her. She walked up to Abigail and asked, "Abi, are you sure? A divorce?"

Abigail turned around and confirmed, "This is good for both of us!" Her pretty eyes sparkled with determination.

"What about Mr. Jones' parents..."

"Liam can explain it to them!" Abigail cut in, and then headed upstairs.

On her way, she caught a glimpse of the dinner table and said to Grace, "Grace, please throw all those dishes away," Abigail said apologetically.

"But you haven't had anything yet," Grace pointed out in surprise.

"I don't have the appetite now," Abigail answered and walked upstairs quietly.

She took out the divorce paper prepared by Liam long before, and carefully signed her name on it.

She stared at her signature and cracked the biggest smile.

"Liam Jones, from now on, we are strangers!"

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