Chapter 13 Ask for Trouble

"That's it? Do you know you ruined my day? Do you know how expensive my dress is?" Olive said angrily as she looked at her dirty dress.

'What a spoiled rich girl! Drama queen.'

Tina was not a pushover. Respect should be mutual. Why should she respect someone who offended her?

Tina smiled. "Miss, I've apologized. What else do you want?"

"Apologize? Does your apology help? Do you think it is enough?" Olive said angrily.

Tina was really pissed off when she heard this. "Well, since it's helpless, then forget it," Tina said.

Tina's words angered Olive even more.

As soon as she was about to explode, she saw Abigail aside.

She hadn't forgotten what happened at the company today. She didn't expect to meet her here.

It seemed that Abigail was with the woman in front of her!

Olive became furious when she thought of this. "Is that you?"

When Abigail saw Olive's gaze, she could only stand up and look at her with a smile. "Miss Miller, my friend didn't mean to..."

"Too much for a 'didn't mean to'! I think you did it on purpose!" Abigail's words were interrupted by Olive before she could finish speaking.

While Abigail heard Olive's words and her tone, she also frowned discontentedly. Interrupting others' words was really rude.

Abigail was about to say something when a figure came in from the door.

He walked straight to Olive.

That person was none other than Liam.

Abigail was even more upset when she saw him.

Enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road.

When Tina saw him, she was surprised. She turned around and looked at Abigail.

Abigail just stood there, looking extremely calm.

Tina was impressed.

'Girl, you are too damn calm.'

Liam did not notice Tina, but he saw Abigail looking at him at once as if she did not want to see him.

Liam felt a little mutated when he saw through her feeling.

'Hmph, I won't let you get your own way, Abigail Swift.'

"What happened?" Liam turned around and asked. It was obvious that he was asking Olive.

Olive heard Liam's words, she pouted unhappily. "Liam, they've ruined my dress. You sent it to me. I rarely wore it!" As soon as she saw Liam, Olive seemed to act differently and said coquettishly.

Tina could not help but get goosebumps from that disgusting voice.

"Really?" Liam looked at them when he heard this. He gazed at Abigail.

When Abigail saw Liam's eyes, she just stood there and was not in a hurry to speak, but Tina said,

"Miss Miller, I've already apologized. What else do you want?"

Olive didn't say anything, but she was clearly dissatisfied.

At this moment, Abigail spoke up, "Miss Miller, how much is your dress? We'll pay you back!"

Olive sneered when she heard this. "Liam gave it to me. It is priceless!"

She was clearly looking for trouble by saying that.

Tina looked at her. "What do you want?"

At this moment, Olive glanced at Tina, and her gaze finally fell on Abigail...

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