Chapter 11 Decided to Resign

"What the fu..." Tina exclaimed, "Really?"

"Yes, I met him just now," Abigail said.

Hearing this, Tina was even more surprised. "Did he recognize you?"

"Not yet, but I think he will recognize me sooner or later."

"Then what should you do? With Liam's temper, he will definitely give you a hard time." Tina said worriedly over the phone.

"Yes, so I've decided to resign."

"I support you," Tina said over the phone.

"All right, I'm going to write my resignation letter. See you after work."

"Okay, I've made a reservation and I'll send you the address later."


With that, Abigail hung up the phone. She went back to the Design Department, sitting in her own work position.

She didn't expect that her first task was to write a resignation letter.

Although she was a little bit reluctant to quit the job, given its nice working environment, Abigail still decided to leave in order to live a quiet life in the future.

Thus, she spent the afternoon writing the resignation letter in her seat. While doing that, she was listening to gossip.

It was about Liam.

From his career to affairs, there was a lot of gossips.

Unexpectedly, after just two years, Liam had different tastes, from model to actress and socialites.

Moreover, he had changed his way of doing things by keeping a low profile. Now they had no idea who Liam's girlfriend was, but they knew that recently he had been very close to Olive Miller, the daughter of the Miller Group's boss.

Olive was the very woman she saw in the office just now.

So, rumor had it that Olive was Liam's current girlfriend. Although they attended various occasions together and were questioned by the media frequently, Liam never admitted it.

An idea hit Abigail. She quickly googled Liam to check on it.

Lots of information came out but most of them were related to the Powerline Group, his business success rather than his personal affairs.

It took him one year to start the company and one year to operate it. In barely two years, the Powerline Group grew from an unknown small business into an international big one under Liam's management.

She had to admit that Liam was a genius in business. And now the Powerline Group had surpassed the Jones Group, his identity as Mr. Jones was more recognized than that of the young master of the Jones Group.

He had done a great job in the past two years. He was no longer frivolous. Instead, he was more mature and steadier, with the mannerisms of a charming and mysterious man.

It was obvious that Liam had been living a good life based on these achievements.

The divorce seemed to have made his life a little smoother.

Thinking of this, Abigail was even more determined to resign.

It would be good for both of them!

Otherwise, things would really get out of control when the truth was revealed.

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