Chapter 14 Nobody

"Miss Swift, didn't you and your friend do this on purpose?"

Hearing this, Tina was dissatisfied and was about to speak, but at this moment, Abigail spoke in advance. Abigail was not angry, but smiled, "Miss Miller, why should we do this on purpose?"

"Exactly!" Tina echoed.

Hearing this, Olive snorted. "Who knows?" After that, she gave Abigail a provocative look.

Looking at Olive's arrogant expression, Tina couldn't stand her anymore. She wasn't as patient as Abigail. "Miss Miller, are you delusional?"

No one had ever said that to Olive. Hearing this, Olive frowned and looked at her unhappily. "What did you say?"

"Aren’t you? I suggest you should see the doctor as soon as possible. It's a disease and it needs to be treated."

"You," Olive was so angry that she turned to look at Liam who was beside her, "Liam, look at them. They are bullying me..."

Looking at Olive's angry face, Liam seemed to be calm. He glanced at Tina and Abigail and smiled. "Oli, why are you angry with them? You don't need to lower your status because of them..."

Hearing this, Olive was enlightened. She immediately lifted her chin proudly. "Yes, you're right. They don't deserve my anger."

Tina was furious. The fire was burning in her eyes. But Abigail kept a decent smile on her face and remained calm.

At this moment, Olive looked at Liam. "What about my dress? I can't have dinner like this."

"I'll buy another one for you later."

"Well, thank you, Liam," Olive said, not forgetting to step forward and kiss Liam on the face.

She even looked at Abigail with a strong sense of provocation.

Standing there, Abigail thought that Olive was so strange. They had only met once, and Olive's hostility towards her was so strong.

'Oh, women!'

Looking at the ostentatious Olive, Tina was very angry. So, She took out twenty bucks from her bag and put it in front of them. "Miss Miller, no matter what, it's our fault that we make your clothes dirty. The twenty bucks will be your dry cleaning fee."

Looking at the money, Olive pursed her lips, showing her disgust. "Twenty dollars? Do you think it is enough?"

"No, but the key is that you only deserve this price..." After saying that, Tina turned to look at Abigail. "Abi, let's go!"

Abigail didn't say anything, just following Tina out.

When Olive realized what had happened, they were already far away.

"It is true that birds of a feather flock together. They're really impolite." Olive said angrily.

'Damn it, how could they say that to me?'

Looking at their backs, she frowned.

'Abigail, you'd better not forget what happened today. I'm not done with you!'

"Liam, look..." Olive shook Liam's arm angrily.

"Why are you angry with them? Don't forget, you're a noble and elegant lady. Why do you have to care about them?" Liam opened his mouth, but then looked at the figure outside the door. His eyes were full of wonder...

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