Chapter 12 Coincidences

After typing the resignation letter, it was almost time to get off work. She had no choice but to hand it to the HR manager tomorrow.

Thinking of this, she packed up and prepared to leave.

She made an appointment with Tina to go shopping and buy some daily necessities.

Following the address sent by Tina, Abigail rushed over right away.

As soon as they met, Tina asked Abigail about the situation, so Abigail told her the whole story without neglecting any details.

After she heard it, Tina couldn't help but say, "Oh come on! It's so cliche!"

"I know, but that's the truth," Abigail said as she ate to calm herself down. Even she felt a little surprised when she remembered what happened in the afternoon.

"He really didn't recognize you?"

Speaking of this, Abigail thought for a moment and said, "I don't think so. If he does, he wouldn’t have that kind of reaction!"

According to Liam's character, if he really found out, he would tear her apart. Definitely!

Tina immediately perked up and put a spoon in front of Abigail as a microphone. "Dear Miss Swift, can I give you a simple interview?"

Looking at Tina, Abigail smiled cooperatively and said, "Sure."

"So, what were you thinking when your ex-husband didn't recognize you?"

Abigail thought about it and said seriously, "I'm glad he didn't recognize me!"

Tina, "Aren't you a little disappointed?"

Abigail shook her head seriously. "Not at all, my dear."

"That's awesome."

Hearing this, Abigail smiled. "Come on. Stop it."

Tina smiled, retracted her joking face, looked at her, and said, "After all, you were once a couple, and you've not been recognized, there will definitely be a trace of unease in your heart. It's okay if you feel unbalanced. I won't laugh at you, girl."

"I was thinking of leaving at that time, and I didn't have so many feelings and insights!" Abigail said.

Tina smiled. "What are you going to do? Resign?"

"Yes, I will hand in the letter tomorrow."

"Looking for a new job?"

Abigail nodded with certainty. "Well, as for my resume, it's not a problem to find a job here."

Of course, Tina believed that. "Well, no matter what decision you make, I will support you."

Hearing Tina's words, Abigail smiled and raised her glass. "Cheers!"


"Abi, I'm going to the bathroom."


So, Tina got up and walked in the direction of the bathroom.

At the same time, the waiter walked by, carrying something that somehow spilled on a woman.

"Ah--" The woman shouted.

Hearing the sound, Tina and Abigail looked over there almost at the same time.

The woman was sprinkled with coffee. The style and material of her dress looked like high-end clothes, expensive and beautiful.

Tina stood there, not knowing what was going on.

At this moment, the woman in front of her raised her head, looked at Tina, and said unreasonably, "What are you doing? Are you blind?"

At the moment she looked up, Abigail saw the person in front of her clearly.

It was her.

Olive Miller. Her boss or her ex-husband's lover!

When Tina heard this, she frowned unhappily. Knowing that it was her fault, she quickly apologized. "I'm sorry. It's my fault."

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