Chapter 7 Enemies

"Who are you? Why are you here?" A hostile voice roared from inside.

Abigail knew that if she didn't explain it clearly, there would be a misunderstanding.

Thinking of this, Abigail looked up and said, "I'm new..." Before she could finish speaking, Abigail was completely stunned when she saw the person in front of her.

Her mind went blank for a few seconds!

How could it be him?

'Liam Jones!'

'Is he the president of the Powerline Group?'

'How could that be?'

At that moment, all sorts of thoughts flashed through Abigail's mind. The first thought was RUN, RUN, AND FAST, but her legs seemed to be fixed on the ground and she couldn't move.

Liam looked more mature than he was three years ago. With an even more strong and more stereoscopic profile, he was still so handsome, and no one would ignore it.

Her eyes, looking at him, were filled with surprise and astonishment.

Liam also looked at the woman in front of him. Her fair V-shaped face was very delicate and pretty. She had pale pink lips, delicate and small bridge of the nose. And her eyes, in particular, were as clear and transparent as branch water.

He had to admit that she was quite beautiful, not in a classical way but refreshingly attractive.


The way she looked at him was a little weird.

'Did she know me?'

However, in his impression, he didn't know such a person. If there was, he would certainly remember.

"You haven't answered me yet." Liam raised his voice.

This sentence made Abigail come to reason. She replied, "Well, I am..."

"Are you eavesdropping here?" At this moment, Olive came out from inside and asked, staring at Abigail.

Olive disliked Abigail at the first sight.

In her opinion, it seemed, it was Abigail who had shown up at the wrong time.

Abigail frowned because of her hostility.

"I'm the new designer, Abigail Swift. I'm here to report." Abigail looked up at them and said word by word. Her attitude was neither arrogant nor humble, making them impossible to say anything.

"Abigail... Swift?" Liam said languidly. His long and narrow eyes focused on Abigail.

When Liam repeated her name, Abigail's heart trembled nervously. Her palms were sweating for fear that he would remember something.

The last thing she could expect was Liam to be the president of the Powerline Group!

If she had known, she would never have come here to work.

"Come in with me!" Liam said.

"Liam..." At this moment, Olive looked at Liam discontentedly.

"Oli, you go back first. I still have work to do. After that, I will contact you." Liam said firmly.

Olive knew that Liam was a workaholic. He was very serious about his work. She knew how to behave at the appropriate time. That was why she was the only one who was able to stay with him for so long.

But ...

She glanced at Abigail and then said to Liam, "I'll wait for your call tonight."


Finishing her words, Olive gave Abigail a warning look, then turned around and walked out.

As soon as she left, there were only the two of them in the big office.

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