Chapter 5 Start Working

The next day.

Early in the morning, Abigail arrived at the Powerline Group.

People at the Powerline Group also knew about Abigail's qualifications, so she was treated politely here.

"Miss Swift, welcome to the Powerline Group!" Emily from the personnel department reached out her hand and said with a smile.

Abigail smiled and reached out to shake Emily's hand.

"I didn't expect Miss Swift to be so young and beautiful." Emily praised her.

Abigail smiled, "You are flattering me, Emily. I am surprised by your young age as well. Much younger than all the other HR managers I've met previously. That comes from hard work and talent, I believe."

Flattering words are basic manners for the first encounter. This was the law of the business world!

Emily smiled, "Let's go. I'll take you to the Design Department!"

Abigail nodded and followed her.

As soon as they reached the Design Department, Emily clapped her hands. "Please stop for a minute. I'll introduce a new colleague to you!" Emily said with a smile.

All staff stopped what they were doing and shifted their attention to the newcomer.

"This is Abigail, who has just returned from London and will join you from today!" Emily said with a smile.

All eyes were fixed on Abigail and amazed by this young beauty.

Abigail stood beside Emily humbly and gracefully smiled to greet all. It was really impossible for them to dislike a pretty young lady with manners.

At this moment, Emily looked at Abigail, signaling her to come forward and say hello.

Then Abigail cleared her voice, "Hello, everyone. I'm Abigail. I would appreciate your future guidance..." Abigail said with a smile.

"Welcome..." someone replied at this moment.

Abigail looked over and smiled.

"Great! Another beauty in our Design Department..." A male colleague also smiled and replied.

Emily and Abigail stood there, smiling. "Yeah, our Design Department is full of handsome guys and beautiful girls!" Emily said with a smile. With that, everyone in the Design Department relaxed.

Then Emily waved to a young girl. "Jane, Miss Swift just came here. She doesn't know anything. Remember to help her!" Emily ordered.

Jane was also a fashionable woman. She was dressed beautifully. She looked at Emily and nodded, "Okay, I got it!"

Then Emily looked at Abigail, "Don't forget to go to the president's office to meet him later!"

Abigail nodded.

"All right, enjoy your first day. I'll go back first!" Emily said.

"Sure." Abigail nodded. She officially joined the Powerline Group. Jane was also devoted to helping her. She would help Abigail and introduce things to her patiently when Abigail had problems.

Abigail looked at her, "Thank you, Jane!"

Jane replied with a smile, "You're welcome. If you meet any problems in the future, don't hesitate to ask me!"

Abigail nodded, "Got it!"

"Alright, I'm going back to work."

"Sure, and maybe we can have lunch sometime!"

"No problem!"

Jane walked away cheerfully, while Abigail went back to her spot as well. She carefully looked around. Honestly, she was more than satisfied with the working environment.

At noon, Jane walked over and said, "Abigail, let's have lunch together? I'll walk you around."

Seeing Jane, Abigail immediately closed the file. "Okay, let's go!"

Then they walked towards the dining hall of the Powerline Group.

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