Chapter 2 The Truth

After signing the divorce paper, Abigail took off the glasses and let her hair down.

Her long inky hair cascaded down her back matched her small delicate face. She was so beautiful, like a masterpiece.

At this moment, her face glowed with happiness. Her eyes were shining with confidence.

Finally, she got her freedom back.

Finally, she could leave this sick place.

Abigail made no delays and immediately got changed. She threw the tedious clothes on the bed and put on a bright yellow dress and a pair of high heel sandals. She looked like a little nightingale, graceful and gorgeous.

She packed some other pretty dresses, zipped the suitcase, and went downstairs.

Grace was cleaning the dinner table when she heard Abigail coming down. She was stunned by Abigail's new look.

Her appearance now was completely different from before. 'Are they the same person?' Grace could not help but wonder.

Abigail walked up to Grace and greeted her with a big smile. "Grace!"

"A... Abi?" Grace still found it difficult to accept her sudden changes. If Abigail didn't speak, Grace wouldn’t have been able to recognize her.

Abigail smiled. "Since Liam and I have divorced, I'm leaving now. Thank you for taking good care of me all these years!" Abigail bowed to show her respect and gratitude.

"No, no, no, it's my duty to take care of you, but Abi, are you really leaving?!"

Abigail nodded. Her face looked absolutely breathtaking now with flawless makeup. "Yes!"

"If... if Mr. Jones saw you now, I'm sure he wouldn't divorce you..." She said as she looked at Abigail.

Hearing this, Abigail smiled. "Grace, please keep this a secret for me!"

She didn't want Liam to know the truth.

After a long silence, Grace nodded. "Fine, but please take care of yourself!"

"Copy that! You too!" Abigail said gently and gave Grace a big hug. In this wretched place, Grace was the only one who cared for her like her own mother. She was very grateful for her kindness.

"Okay, Grace, See you!"

"Let me walk you out..."

"Not necessary. I got a taxi... It's late. You should go to bed now." Abigail said.

But Grace insisted on sending Abigail to the gate. With the gate closed, Abigail looked at the old-fashioned suit in her hands and threw it into the trash can.

'Finally, I have gotten rid of all these. What a big relief!'

As the car drove away and got lost in sight, Grace couldn't help but sigh, "If Mr. Jones finds out the truth, he would definitely regret it..."

Moments later, Abigail arrived at the airport. She pulled out her luggage from the cab and looked back at the enchanting night view.


"Goodbye, my miserable life!" Then, without looking back, she went to the security checkpoint.

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