Chapter 3 She's Back

Two years later.


"Congratulations, Miss Swift. You won this award. Do you want to say anything?" The host asked politely.

Abigail was in a yellow dress with a crystal trophy in her hand. It glowed with her curly, long hair. She held a pleasant and sweet smile, "Well, I want to thank my mentor and all the people who support me. This award is not only for me but also for all my supporters. Thank you!"

The host smiled, "Winning this award is also an honor and a recognition. Do you mind sharing your future plans with us, Miss Swift?"

After a long pause, Abigail recollected herself and answered, "Actually, I've decided to go back to my hometown and work for the Powerline Group!"

Hearing this, the crowd was in an uproar.

"The Powerline Group is a rising star. It has been listed for only one year, but has already achieved remarkable performance.

It's promising, but leaving all those great opportunities in London for a newly developed company? That sounds insane.

Abigail ignored the doubts and left the stage without saying anything further.


Next day, 10:00 AM.

Airport of A City

Abigail walked out with her suitcase. She was wearing a gigantic pair of sunglasses covering half of her pretty face. Despite this, her outstanding temperament still attracted a lot of attention.

Abigail took off her sunglasses and happily enjoyed the view.

'Two years. I'm finally back!'

She went to the apartment she had rented in advance, got the key, and moved in directly.

It took her half a day to clean up the cozy place. She had become very independent and strong after two years.

When she was about to take a nap, her phone rang, "Hey, Abi, have you arrived?

It was Tina. Tina was Abigail's bestie since childhood.

"Seriously, T? Calling now after I've already settled? You're doing it on purpose, right?" Abigail lounged on the sofa, trying to take a break.

"I'm sooooooooo sorry. I was too busy..." Tina said coquettishly.

Abigail giggled, "Okay, I forgive you."

"When are you going to start work?" Tina asked.


"Okay. Let's have dinner and get drunk tonight."


"Then it's settled. I'll call you after work. Got to go."

" See you."

Abigail laid down on the sofa to take a rest. She was so weary that she actually fell asleep. But she was soon wakened by a sudden call.

"Hello..." She answered it in a daze.

"Miss Swift, this is the human resource department of the Powerline Group. I'm calling to check whether you're still able to come to work tomorrow.

"Yes, I'll be there tomorrow!" Abigail recollected herself and confirmed.

"Great. Please come directly to the HR department when you get here."

"Okay! Thank you for letting me know."

After a short conversation, Abigail yawned and checked the time. It was already 6 p.m.

Just as she was about to call Tina, the doorbell rang. She walked over to open the door.

"Abigail!" As soon as she opened the door, Tina gave her a big hug.

Abigail was overjoyed to see Tina, "I thought you were still at work."

"Work is nothing when compared to you. Let's go. Time to celebrate."

Abigail nodded. She quickly changed her shoes and went out with Tina.

"By the way, Abi, aren't you afraid to bump into Liam when you come back?" Tina suddenly asked when they were having dinner.

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