Chapter 6 Tyrannical President

Jane carefully introduced the Powerline Group to Abigail, including which restaurant was good and which ones were not. Abigail thought Jane was very cute.

At least, she didn't seem like a scheming person.

During the meal, Jane looked at Abigail and asked, "I've heard that you came back from London and got a lot of awards there. It's amazing!" Jane praised sincerely.

Hearing Jane's words, Abigail smiled, "If it was you, you could also make it!"

Jane was flattered and felt comfortable by the remarks.

"That I don't know, but it's my dream to study abroad!" She replied with eagerness and her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm.

"Do you know how many people scramble for getting in the Powerline Group? It's also an affirmation of your ability that you can work here." Abigail said.

Jane was very pleased with Abigail's words. She smiled and nodded, "That's true!"

"Although the Powerline Group has just earned a fine reputation in the last two years, it is not easy to develop to this stage. Besides, facing a bright future, the Powerline Group will definitely break into the international market!"

Abigail nodded, "I believe it. I've heard the Powerline Group when I was in London!" That was why she chose to work here.

Speaking of this, Jane smiled, "Do you know how young and handsome our president is?" She asked with a smile.

Abigail shook her head. She really didn't really pay attention to this.

"He's definitely more handsome than movie stars. Moreover, he's only 26 years old, very young but with great finesse. He founded and developed the Powerline Group himself. He's the dream lover of all employees of our company, both men and women." Jane said secretly.

Hearing this, Abigail teased Jane, "Then what are you waiting for? Go get him!"

"All the other girls are fighting for him. As for me, I'm gonna just sit this one out and watch the drama." Jane continued, "You'll get my meaning when you meet him."

Abigail nodded.

However, Jane suddenly added, "By the way, I heard that he had been married but got divorced..."

Abigail didn't know how to respond to Jane because it was the same story as Liam. She thought for a while but soon stopped that crazy idea.

'The world would not be so small.'

She didn't ask more. The two of them ate quickly and went back to the office.

In the afternoon, Abigail received a call asking her to go to the president's office to register, so she quickly picked up the documents and went upstairs.

As soon as she reached the door of the president's office, she heard something unusual coming from inside.

"Liam, can I accompany you to the party the day after tomorrow?" At the door, a delicate female voice came from inside.

Abigail was startled. She didn't know whether she should enter or not. Clearly, there was someone else inside, and maybe something unusual was going on.

"If your hand continues to caress down, I'll...argh~" Then, a deep male voice came from inside.

Standing at the door, Abigail was stunned when she heard this. Now, she was sure what's going on here.

'Seriously? This is the president's office!'

"What? You can't take it anymore? I'm a troublemaker. Come punish me!" The female voice came from inside. It sounded soft and very pleasant.

Even if Abigail didn't see it, she could imagine how erotic it was inside.

She didn't expect the president of the Powerline Group to be like this.

'Working hours in the office? That's really unprofessionally!'

"Mmm...Ah..." The man's deep voice came from inside.

Only then did Abigail recover from the shock. If she listened any longer, she would blush. She knew she must leave now to avoid bringing any inconvenience to them.

"Oli, I'm working!" The man said. Although his voice was a little deadened, it still sounded like he had his own principles.

"Be good. I'll call you later." As soon as the voice died away, the door was suddenly opened.

However, Abigail was standing at the door, ready to turn around and leave.

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