Sleeping With My Foster Brother

By Summer


213.52k words

150 chapters



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That day Jenna was drugged by her fiancé that she had never met. After running away in a panic, she bumped into a stranger's hug. With the drug taking effect, her consciousness gradually grew dim. Then Jenna recklessly touched that man to relieve the lust. The next day Jenna woke up and even without thinking she grabbed her torn clothes and then hurriedly escaped. Just as she struggled to forget that one night stand, that man showed up again and turned out to be her foster brother Eason. One day in the corner, Eason was about to flirt with Jenna again. Jenna reminded him coyly, "I'm your sister!" "You're not after sleeping with me."



nice story

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nice story

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nice story

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nice story

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like the story

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nice result

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do not support this platform!!! Sofanovel doesn’t pay its writers!!!

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what a vicious fiance.

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Nice read. Please update new chapters. Thanks.

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