Chapter 10

Jenna went totally wet as she walked blankly in the rain.

Not far away, there came the sound of a car driving fast, and a dazzling light fell on Jenna in an instant.

She subconsciously turned around, narrowed her eyes, raised her hand to block the light, but the car rushed straight towards her.

Jenna was shocked with eye wide. Her legs turned weak and she fell straight down.

The car stopped.

In the rain, the door of the black Maybach opened quickly, and a man strode towards Jenna, who was scared to death.


He was calling her name in such a gentle way as if they were lovers.

Jenna looked up, her long black hair pressed against the pale face. When she saw that pair of eyes, she wanted to cry.

"Eason, are you here to make things worse for me?"

That aggrieved voice, like a heavy hammer, fell hard on Eason's heart. The next second, he lifted Jenna up, and carefully put her in the passenger seat.

After getting in the car, Jenna closed her eyes unconsciously and sat still.

However, in the back seat, a dark gaze fell on Jenna's back.

Eason was drenched because of the rain. It was not far from the Old House of the Hancher family, so a white Audi drove over quickly after he made a call.

Eason put away his phone, opened the back door, and said expressionlessly to the person inside, "Irene, you take Chloe to the car in the back. I have something else to do. Lense will drive you back. As for the cemetery, we can go there later."

In a daze, Irene subconsciously looked back, "Eason, it's raining heavily. Chloe is still unstable. We..."


Irene knew that Eason was telling her not to say it again. Holding an umbrella, she persuaded Chole into getting in the one in the back. Then she said, "Eason, be careful. You drive..."

But Eason had left.

The car splashed and rushed forward.

In the rain, Irene withdrew her gentle smile but looked very gloomy.

The car drove all the way to Eason's private apartment downtown.

Eason slammed the door, walked quickly to the passenger seat, and took Jenna out. Almost in an instant, Jenna pressed her head against his chest and wrapped her hands around his neck. Without an umbrella, the heavy rain followed the man down and fell into Jenna's slender neck.

After entering the room, Eason put Jenna on the sofa. It was early summer, but he turned on the heat. He went into the kitchen and made the ginger soup. Then he went to the bathroom to fill the bathtub. By the time he came back, Jenna had already sat up and stared blankly at the corner.

He didn't come to her and went to the kitchen. Before he left, he said, "There are clean bathrobes and towels in the bathroom. Go take a bath first. The ginger soup will be ready soon."

Jenna looked up at Eason, with some inexplicable emotion in her eyes.

On such a desperately cold night, Mr. Hancher, the man above Jenna, left his beloved girlfriend and brought her back to his place. He made ginger soup and prepared the bathwater for her. Suddenly, she felt a trace of warmth in her cold heart.

She didn't expect it to be him.

She managed to stand up.

The soup was boiled and Eason was about to turn around when a cold and soft body pressed against him.

Eason was shocked.

Jenna's eyes were red as she asked, "Francis was sent to the hospital for stomach bleeding because of overdrinking. Did you do it?"

Even if Eason didn't mention it, she knew it. That night, she could only meet the man in front of her, and he was the only one who had the guts.

He looked at Jenna's trembling hands around his waist, and said gently, "So?"

But Jenna didn't reply.

She suddenly let go of her hands and walked in front of him. She stood on tiptoe and kissed Eason on his lips, trembling, "Eason, are you still interested in me?"

Eason didn't speak, his dark eyes fixed on her.

The next second, he kissed Jenna, with his hands clasped around her waist, and pressed her against the cold wall of the kitchen.

Knowing that she was still new to it, he moved his lips slightly away and teased her, "Idiot, breathe."

She blushed, "Okay."

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