Chapter 13

The nurse saw Jenna and asked hesitantly, "Miss Aaron?"

Jenna nodded.

Sean, who was on the bed, coldly observed Jenna and snorted, "How dare you come?"

Jenna walked over slowly and looked down at Sean. She was only a few years older than Sean, but looked much more mature than him, "Why can't I come? You're the one who made the mistake, not me. Right?"

"You!" Being refuted, Sean became angry. After a long time, he gave a cold smile and said, "Who do you think you are? Do you think I will listen to you and obediently take the medicine and treatment?"

"Well, he really thinks he is a prince, doesn't he?" Jenna thought.

"Who said I came to persuade you to receive the treatment? You're really narcissistic," Jenna said. Hearing this, Sean felt a little awkward and then he heard Jenna continue, "You deserve it. I was kind enough to save your life, but it doesn't mean I have extra money to treat you."

Sean didn't look well and cursed, "Fuck!"

Jenna looked very calm as if she had been used to Sean's terrible attitude. She said, "I paid all your medical expenses, including the medicine and healthcare. Since you don't want to stay here, I don't have the spare money to take care of you. I'll get you discharged later. As for the future, you need to fend for yourself since you don't care about your life anyway." Then she suddenly smiled and patted Sean's head, "By the way, if you're really going to die, you must pay me back the medical fees you owe me before you die."

Sean looked gloomy on the bed.

"Anyway, you're the only one left in your family. If you're wasting your life, why don't you die and meet your father earlier?" After that, Jenna got closer to Sean and smiled strangely, "What do you think?"

"JENNA AARON!" Sean gritted his teeth and shouted word by word. He struggled with both hands on the bed and looked at Jenna sharply as if he was going to fight with her the next second. He said, "Don't think about it! You won't have a good day as long as I'm alive."

"Okay, I'd love to see that."

Sean suddenly turned to look at the nurse and shouted angrily, "Bring the medicine!" Then he turned around and looked at Jenna with hatred, "Don't think that I'll be grateful to you. You and your mother are my enemies. So, even if it's just to make things difficult for you, I'll live well."

No matter how long it had been, there was no right or wrong, no victim or murderer for Sean. He only cared about the results and the people who caused them.

He didn't want to let go of any of them.

Thinking of this, Jenna looked solemn. She looked at Sean as if she were looking at a naughty child and said, "If being so cynical could make you live in a better way, it will be also good."

Coming out of the ward, Jenna received a call from Sarah. Maybe Sarah was trying to comfort Jenna, she asked Jenna to meet her in Colorful Hotel. Jenna agreed as she walked out of the elevator, "Okay, I see. I'll go over now." After hanging up, she saw two familiar figures fly past her.

It was Irene and Chloe.

"Irene, after the examination, can we accompany Eason to the cemetery tomorrow?"

"Yes, we've already made an appointment. We'll meet him tomorrow morning and go there together. It's your first time there. You need to behave yourself, okay?"

"I see. You have gone there every year. How can I make any mistake with you by my side?"

It turned out that they were going to accompany Eason to visit his mother's grave.

When Jenna entered the Hancher family, Eason's mother had passed away. From the first day, Gavin had warned her not to ask anything about the Hancher family. Therefore, she had no chance to go to the cemetery.

Not to mention...

She remembered that her father died in the same year as Eason's mother. But she didn't even know where her father was buried, let alone visit her father's grave. How could she have the right to visit Eason's mother's grave when she couldn't even mourn her own father?

After her father died, she was forbidden by her mother to visit her father's grave.

All these years, she never dared to ask the reason.

When she came back to her senses, Jenna felt that her eyes were a little sore. She sniffed and was ready to go back to the dormitory.

After a few steps, she heard the conversation between Irene and Chloe again.

"By the way, Chloe, do you remember Jenna, the junior daughter of the Hancher family?"


"I learned by accident that her father and Eason's mother seem to be buried in the same cemetery."

"What? So you mean, we'll probably meet that girl when we go to the cemetery? I don't want to see her."

"No. It seems that she has never visited her father's grave. Actually, no one had visited him."

Jenna didn't hear what they said next and was only thinking about one thing like crazy.

She knew where her father was buried.

"I know where dad was buried?" she murmured.

Jenna was so excited that she could no longer control her tears. She wiped them hard but smiled happily.

She could finally see her father.

She was crying and laughing in the corridor like a child. Suddenly, she realized that she didn't know the exact location of the cemetery. But Irene and Chloe were not there anymore.

Jenna thought she was an idiot and felt so sad. But later she remembered that Eason would go there too tomorrow.

That meant that she could see her father as long as she found Eason.


Gavin, like her mother, didn't want her to see her father.

So, she couldn't follow Eason openly.


Struggling in her mind for a long time, Jenna called a familiar number.

The call went through and a deep male voice sounded, "Jenna?"

Jenna was startled by the voice and almost dropped her phone. She managed to calm down and said sweetly, "It's me, Eason."

The man seemed to be in a good mood, "What's the matter?"

Jenna said awkwardly, "Can I stay at your place tonight?"

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