Chapter 8

Eason's eyes glinted. He took the phone, glanced at the number on it, and put it into his pocket.


Before he could turn around, the woman behind him had leaned her chest against his back, "We have been dating for so many years, shouldn't we move our relationship to the next stage?"

The man in front of her froze and did not answer, but Irene moved up the corner of her red lips and smiled.

They had been classmates at home and abroad. Having known Eason for more than ten years, she thought she had already known all his preferences. Even though he had never said he loved her, she believed that there was no woman in this world who could be a better choice.

The indifferent look on Eason's face did not change at all. When Irene pressed against him, a certain night flashed through her mind.

Eason's eyes darkened. He prised her fingers from his waist and said calmly, "Irene, you've lost your composure."

Jenna dodged into her room and read until there was no water in the cup. Then she got up and went downstairs.

As soon as she reached the stairs, she heard the faint sound of a car engine coming from the courtyard.

When she was about to go upstairs after pouring the water, she heard the servant's respectful voice outside, "Good night, Junior Mr. Hancher."

"Good night."

Jenna paused. It was too late for her to dodge.

The night air was cool outside and Eason, dressed in a casual suit, strode in. At any time, wearing any clothes, this man looked good, shining like a diamond.

The unhappy episode in the morning came to Jenna's mind. She braced herself and softly called in the direction of Eason, "Junior Mr..."

The man walked past her directly as if he had not heard or seen her.

Jenna felt a chill down her spine.

She bit her lip and unconsciously held the cup tightly. Just as she was about to leave, a soft female voice came, "Is it Jenna?"

The woman was wearing a sleeveless knee-length bright red dress with delicate makeup. With the glimmer of a smile in her eyes, she had a graceful figure. Just standing there, she emanated the elegant demeanor of a lady from a noble family. She had a little girl on her arm who was about the same age as Jenna. The girl wore a white dress and resembled the woman beside her. When the little girl looked at Jenna, she didn't conceal her mockery and... Disdain.

"Hello, I'm Irene Jasmin. This is my sister Chloe Jasmin."

Jenna subconsciously looked down at her outfit that was a plain cotton nightgown with a pair of home slippers. After a while, she replied nervously, "Hello, welcome."

"Sister, is she the girl adopted by the Hancher family? She's just so so!"

"Chloe, don't be rude."

"Is Irene here?" Far away, Senior Mr. Hancher came out of the study and waved in Irene's direction as he asked the servants to serve. "Come on, come on, the food is ready. I'm waiting for you..." when he looked up and saw Jenna beside Irene, he froze.

How could Jenna not know his thoughts? She greeted, "Uncle Hancher." Then, she turned around and was about to go upstairs, "I have something else to do. I'll go up first."

Gavin breathed a silent sigh of relief and was about to entertain Irene when Eason's unusually cold voice came calmly, "We have guests at home. There's no reason for you to go away without accompanying them. Stay here and eat with us!"

Having stayed in the residence of the Hancher family for more than ten years, Jenna's meals were always prepared by the servants and then delivered to her room. Or when Gavin was not at home, she would eat alone in the restaurant. For so many years, she and Gavin had never dined at the same table.

Jenna inexplicably felt like crying. Over there, Gavin's expression was somehow inexplicable.

Jenna was the last to enter the restaurant, and the others were already seated. She glanced over Gavin in the main seat and Irene and Eason who were sitting next to each other. She then hesitated to walk towards Chloe. Eason impatiently pulled out the chair with a sullen face and stared at Jenna with displeasure in his voice, "Why are you still standing there? Sit down and eat."

Jenna looked at Eason in surprise. The man had already retracted his gaze and started eating. She had to sit down next to him, but she deliberately moved to the other side, keeping a safe distance from him.

Beside her, Irene's seemingly inadvertent gaze fell on Jenna's face, searching and meaningful.

Then, Jenna was completely forgotten.

At the dinner table, they chatted happily while eating.

Gavin said, "Irene, come here more often when you have spare time so that you can ccompany me and also familiarize yourself with the environment. In this way, when you marry Eason, you can take over affairs more quickly!"

Irene blushed, "Uncle Hancher, Eason's opinions should also be considered."

Chloe said, "Eason has been staying away from women. For so many years, my sister, you're the only one that he has dated. How is it possible that he doesn't love you? I guess Eason's first sex must be with you. Haha."

Eason denied, "No."

There was a suffocating awkwardness.

"Oh, you're so outstanding. It's normal for you to have sex with a woman. Sometimes you must be..."

Eason chewed slowly and said after a moment, "No. It happened recently after I came back from abroad."

The smile on Irene's face vanished.

Jenna's hand that was scooping the soup shook, and the soup that she had just drunk splashed out in an instant.

Jenna coughed.

Everyone stopped and stared at her in unison.

"God, You are completely bad-mannered. How could you spoil everyone's pleasure like this? Humph!"

"Chloe, don't act rudely."

Eason took out a piece of tissue and calmly handed it to Jenna. He glanced over her panicked and nervous little face. The coldness in his eyes all night long gradually disappeared.

Jenna couldn't stay here anymore. She took the tissue, wiped her mouth in a hurry, and then got up to leave, "I'm sorry, Uncle Hancher. I'm not feeling well. I want to go back to my room."

Gavin nodded in agreement.

Just after Jenna turned around to leave, she heard the conversation behind her.

"Irene, I'll ask the servant to clean the guest room later. You're to climb the mountain tomorrow. You can stay the night here."

"Thank you, Uncle Hancher. Sorry to bother you."

"Irene is not an outsider."

Then, Chloe spoke.

"No, I don't like sleeping in the guest room. It's just a house, not a home. I can only fall asleep in my home."

"Then where does Chloe want to sleep?"

Chloe rolled her eyes and suddenly pointed at Jenna not far away, answering loudly, "I want to sleep in her room!"

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