Chapter 14

She vaguely heard the sound of a whistle. Not far ahead, a blinding light suddenly lit up, forcing Jenna to subconsciously raise her hand to block it, when a black Maybach soon reached in front of her.

"Get in the car."

The window rolled down, revealing Eason's extraordinarily handsome face.

Jenna only paused for a moment to open the door before she bent down neatly and sat in. The man turned to look at her. "Have you had dinner yet?"

"No... Not yet."

Then she fell silent.

The car drove smoothly all the way to the viaduct.

In a corner not far behind, two people came out one after the other, looking in the direction of the car leaving each with their own thoughts.

Chloe turned to Irene and asked uncertainly, "Sister, do you think she will really go?"

"She will." Irene asserted, with a strange smile on her face. "It is easy to guess what people with such an identity are actually thinking. As long as she goes, I will make her shrink, whether she has that kind of feelings for Eason or not."

In the night, the woman discarded her disguise and her eyes suddenly turned baleful.

This man was hers.

On the path to becoming the young Mrs. Hancher, she would spare no effort to exterminate any obstacles!

Eason drove straight back to the apartment.

As soon as he opened the door, they were greeted by the comfy smell of food. Laura turned around to see Jenna behind Eason and rejoiced. "Sir, miss, you're back. The meal is ready. Hurry to wash your hands and dine."

Knowing that Laura didn't know anything about her relationship with Eason, Jenna still felt a little awkward when she appeared in her brother's apartment late at night.

Eason seemed to sense the girl's embarrassment and uneasiness. As he pulled off his tie and changed into his slippers, he bent over to take out a new pair of pink slippers from the cabinet and put them beside Jenna's feet. "Put them on." He then turned to Laura and said, "Go ahead to your business. I'll let you know if we need help."

Laura nodded, rubbed her hands, and walked away.

Jenna followed Eason in, amusing him with her meekness.

"Jenna, do you have something to ask me for?" That was probably the only reason to explain Jenna's abnormality today.

Jenna was taken aback. She knew that if she acted too abnormally, she would easily arouse Eason's suspicion. So she calmed down and darted him a glare. "Do you have anything that worth my pleading?"

That was the normal Jenna.

Eason rolled up the cuffs of his shirt and strode to Jenna's side, instantly cornering her against the table, and then he teased her deliberately. "Really? Didn't you take the initiative to hug me last night?"

Jenna's cheeks burned immediately, and she quickly reached out to cover his mouth, afraid that Laura would overhear, "Eason Hancher, are you crazy? There's someone here." With that, he pushed Eason away, walked to the dining table, pulled out a chair, and sat down, slamming the dishes audibly to hide her violent heartbeat.

"Have dinner!"

Fortunately, Eason did not make things difficult for her anymore.

After a wearisome dinner, Jenna put down the tableware and rushed upstairs.

When she finished a shower in the bathroom, she stood there worrying.

After she came out of school, she had only this set of clothes on her. When she took a shower just now, she had already thrown them into the laundry basket for dirty clothes. There was not even a bathrobe in the huge bathroom. Hesitating, she opened a small crack and secretly peeped out the door. No one was there. So she tiptoed out, intending to find something from the closet to put it.

Suddenly, a mellow male voice came from behind. "I bought your new pajamas and clothes to change; they are in the bottom cabinet."

"Oh." Jenna didn't think too much before she bent over to open the cabinet. Suddenly she felt a chill down her spine and she came to her senses, turning around abruptly. "Ah! Eason Hancher, you..."

When did he come over?

Jenna blushed as she was now naked. She shouted angrily, "Get out!"

Dim lights flickered in Eason's impenetrable eyes.

He could not explain his behavior. He only knew that some of his actions were becoming more and more uncontrollable.

He was like a reckless teenager who had just fallen in love at the age of 17 or 18.

He walked over stealthily, reached out, and pulled the girl into his arms from behind. He lowered his head and kissed her with his cool lips.

Jenna shuddered.


His lips fell on her face and he opened his mouth to bite her. His voice was deep and hoarse. "Call me by my name."

"Eason Hancher." The girl in front of him trembled violently, and after a while, she cried with sobbings. "Eason!"

Eason froze. The girl had already let go of his hands and squatted down, pressing her hands against her abdomen, her face writing in pain.

"What's wrong?"

He squatted beside her, looked at her pinched face, and bent down to pick her up. "I'll take you to the hospital."

His hand was pressed down by the girl, however, and a suspicious blush appeared on her face. The hand on his arm was slightly forced, and her voice was trembling. "Eason, my medicine is in the bag in the living room..."

The man did not suspect her words as he stood up and strode towards the door.

As soon as he reached the door, the girl with a twisted face behind him suddenly jumped up and rushed towards the door. Eason had just stepped out of the door when the back door slammed shut.

Click; it was locked.

The girl's complacent voice rang inside, and he could almost imagine her gloating, "Bastard!"

Looking at the closed door in front of him, Eason curled his lips slightly and smiled slyly like a fox.

Since Eason couldn't come in, Jenna went to bed in peace.

She was woken easily. In the middle of the night, she vaguely heard some noise and opened her eyes in a daze. Only then did she confirm that the sound came from the living room.

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