Sleeping With My Foster Brother

Chapter 1

[In a private room in the Colorful Hotel]

It was eleven o'clock in the evening.

After Jenna Aaron finished her third drink, her fingers suddenly splayed out over the table as she steadied herself with an accusatory frown.

Getting a weird, overwhelming feeling, she glared at the man in front of her with watery eyes. "Sandgren, it's so shameful of you to do this the first time we met!" She picked up the glass in front of her and dashed the wine on the man.


The red liquid slid down the man's face and he wiped it hard.

"Quit playing the innocent. You should be grateful that I'm willing to help you. Let me get this straight. If you leave this room today, it'll cost you."

Jenna picked up her bag and stumbled all the way to the door.


She closed the door, leaned against the wall, and tried to call her friends with her hands trembling.

She called several times, but no one answered.

Jenna leaned against the wall and breathed hard.

Using her ravaged wits, she knew was that she might have been set up by her good friend Rose Sandgren.

At Rose's birthday party, there were only three people. Apart from herself and Rose, there was only Francis Sandgren, her fiancé, a man she had never met before. In the middle of the party, Rose had excused herself and said that she wanted to go to the bathroom. But she never came back.

Jenna was unwilling to admit that her good friend had betrayed her, but for now, there was no better explanation.

Her legs were so weak that she could hardly stand. It was too late to call for help now.

But even so, she refused to let that bastard take advantage of her.

Her body was getting hotter and she was only semiconscious. Everything around her seemed to be shaking.

She vaguely saw a door open not far away and a tall man was standing there. With his last bit of strength, Jenna stumbled all the way over, leaning on the wall.

"Sir, please help me."

Jenna had long forgotten about conducting herself with circumspection. "Help me..."

When Jenna woke up, she was lying on a king-size bed.

She suddenly sobered up when she saw the strange room decorated in black and white.

She turned her head abruptly, picked up her bag, and was about to leave.

After a few steps, she looked back at the man lying on the bed and felt frustrated for no reason. With a strong feeling that she couldn't just leave like this, she stormed back, grabbed a sheet of notepaper and a pen by the bed, and wrote a line.

"You are not that good in bed. P. S. I know you are inexperienced, so I don't blame you."

Jenna opened the door and came out. She saw a waiter carrying a tray pass by Room 2302 not far away. She rolled her bright dark eyes and then walked quickly towards the waiter.

"Excuse me, hasn't Mr. Sandgren in Room 2302 checked out yet?"

"Yes, miss. Mr. Sandgren has just sobered up from drunkenness. I sent him to his room a short while ago."

Jenna pretended to be surprised and asked casually, "Is he with a friend?"

"No. He is alone."

A smile spread slowly across Jenna's face. She pulled the waiter aside, opened her purse, took out a wad of banknotes, and handed it to the waiter with a sheepish grin.

"Please do me a favor. Mr. Sandgren and I are friends. He has some sexual proclivities. Find a few gigolos and send them to his room and all the money left will be yours."

Jenna took a taxi back to the Hancher family. She washed her body over and over again. She didn't dry herself with a towel and go to sleep until the smell of that man disappeared.

She had always been a very light sleeper

In a daze, she heard the butler in the courtyard directing the servants to move something. "Be careful. If you break them, Mr. Hancher will be mad."

Jenna rubbed her eyes, got out of bed barefoot, and opened the door. She saw a group of servants on the stairs carrying boxes, books. As she came closer, she saw a black leather sofa as well.

"Clark." Jenna looked at the butler with confusion. "What are you doing?"

The butler looked overjoyed and pointed at these things. "Miss Aaron, you don't know yet, do you? Junior Mr. Hancher, Eason Hancher, will be back. He might decide to live at home, so we're getting his room ready."

Eason Hancher?

The second son of the Uncle Hancher, Eason Hancher, who she had never met, who had been studying abroad and building his own business, was back?

But why was he back?

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