Chapter 7

Mr. Quall gave Jenna a meaningful look and said slowly, "If you went well with him, you would know."

And nobody would tell such a secret except for Eason himself.

Jenna's tears stood in her eyes. No matter what the truth was, something would ensue if things went on like this.

The moment the iron rod fell again, she rushed over without hesitation, "Eason, stop!"

Eason suspended the iron bar in mid-air, with his scarlet eyes looking down at Jenna, and then hurled the stick away.

He walked over and wiped Jenna's tear-filled face with his rough fingertips. He leaned over to hug her, but Jenna dodged. She turned to scan the dying boy on the ground. Blood was oozing from his mouth and nose, and now even breathing became very difficult, as if he was about to die.

Eason's hand was suspended in the air, and his cold eyes narrowed.

"Eason, let's send him to the hospital."

The fierceness and rage in Eason Hancher's eyes had not yet ebb. Thinking that she was afraid that things went wrong, he came over and grabbed her hand, turned around and left. He replied coldly, "Mr. Quall will handle it."

Jenna dodged it again.

Jenna's face was pale. She flicked a glance at Sean on the ground again and answered with a trembling voice, "I want to... stay and watch." She couldn't tell Eason about her relationship with Sean. To her, it was a childhood nightmare. Every time she mentioned it, she would seemingly experience it again.

"And, Eason, I don't want..." To involve you in this matter.

Before she could say anything, Jenna saw Eason's grave face. The graveness was magnified countless times in an instant. He raised his hand and pinched Jenna's chin. His words were full of coldness, "Jenna, are you concerned about someone who ruined you? Do you think I'm meddling?"

Jenna shook her head, and her voice trembled, "No, Eason, I..."

"You absolutely don't know who's good for you!"

Eason suddenly let go of her hand, welled up with blood and rage, coupled with his cold, calm eyes, which suffocated Jenna. He bent down to pick up the coat that had fallen to the ground and threw it into the trash can. Without darting at Jenna Aaron, he turned around and left.

Jenna's eyes were red. She intended to catch up with him but soon gave up.

Should she tell him about the gloomy past?

She considered, ''It's not necessary, isn't it?''

He was the second young master of the Hancher family. Even if he had sex with her and saved her by chance, it didn't mean anything.

Taking a deep breath, she opened her bag and found her phone. She was about to call when Mr. Quall held her hand, "Jenna, let me call."

Jenna hesitated.

"How are you going to explain to the hospital on the phone? Conflict? Assault? Leave it to me. I'll take care of it." Mr. Quall finished speaking and quickly walked out with the phone.

Jenna stood there, eyes straying at Sean, who was dying on the ground, and she nodded numbly. Suddenly, she turned around and rushed towards the bedroom inside. She rummaged through the boxes and cabinets. Finally, she found the wooden box in her memory at the bottom of the bookcase.

She opened it, but there was nothing inside.

It made sense...

She had been missing for so long, and Sean was so down and out of money. How could he not sell the expensive jewelry?

Soon an ambulance quietly drove to the front of the building. A group of doctors and nurses in white uniforms came down and carried Sean into the car.

Jenna followed.

The car drove into the largest and most expensive private hospital around the city.

Jenna sat on the bench outside the emergency room, looking absent-minded.

Mr. Quall thought she was afraid, so he sat next to her and comforted her, "Jenna, don't worry. This hospital belongs to Mr. Hancher's good friend Joshua Yandle. I've already told him about it, so everything will be fine."

Jenna said, "Thank you."

Mr. Quall's eyes fell on the box that Jenna had been holding in her hands, and he opened his mouth hesitantly, "Jenna, don't blame me for talking too much. If you have any difficulties, you can tell Mr. Hancher, and he will help you." In fact, soon after Jenna went in, Mr. Quall had a hunch that something was wrong and took the initiative to call Mr. Hancher to explain the situation. ''Mr. Hancher knew that something had happened to you. He suspended the meeting and rushed over without second thought. He has reasons to be angry."

Jenna tightened her grip on the box, and her face paled. She replied, "My mother was married before she disappeared."

Mr. Quall was astonished.

"The one who is in rescue is my mother's second husband's only son, Sean."

Later on, she did not have the courage to go on.

"I'm sorry, Jenna."

More than two hours later, the door of the emergency room opened and Sean was wheeled out with all kinds of tubes on his body, big and small. "He's been rescued, but the injury is serious. He needs to be transferred to the ICU."

Jenna leaned against the wall and did not glance at Sean on the bed. "Thank you."

The doctor in the white coat followed Sean.

Mr. Quall answered a call and came back to wave his phone at Jenna. "Jenna, I've already made arrangements here. I'll send you back first. Don't make the Senior Mr. Hancher suspicious. When Sean gets better, a professional nurse will come to take care of him. You don't have to worry. I'll inform you in time if anything happens."

Jenna pinched her lips and said, "Thank you. I'll pay you back when they figure out the hospital fees later." Before Mr. Quall could speak, Jenna added, "And as long as he's not dead, you don't have to call me."

She didn't want to have anything to do with the past of that year.

With Mr. Quall's help, Jenna successfully returned to the Hancher family and hid in her room.

She, the unloved daughter, had been missing for only one night, and no one would find out.

However, the thought of Eason's cold eyes falling on her before left her suffocated and agitated. She vaguely remembered Eason's business card that Mr. Quall had stuffed into her before she left. She hesitated, took out her phone and called.

The phone kept ringing, but no one answered. Just as she was about to hang up, a soft voice came from inside. "Hello?"

Jenna was astounded.

"Excuse me, are you looking for Eason? He's still taking a bath..."

Jenna's hand, which was holding the phone, quivered and she replied without hesitation, "Sorry, I dialed the wrong number." Then she hung up hastily.

Her eyes straying out the window again, Jenna was distracted for a moment.


She forgot.

How could the superior and mighty second young master of the Hancher family mind a little girl like her being ungrateful?

[On the other side]

Eason changed his blood-stained clothes in the bathroom of the lounge, threw them into the trash can, and told his assistant to throw them away. After tidying up, he pushed the door open and came in. He happened to see Irene holding his cell phone and frowned slightly. Irene handed the phone over and explained gently to him, "I was afraid that you had something urgent, so I answered it for you. A strange number. She dialed the wrong number."

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