Chapter 9

Jenna paused and subconsciously clenched her fists.

Behind her, Gavin looked at Jenna's straight back, then at Irene's smiling, gentle face. After a long time, he nodded and said, "If Chloe wants to stay, then stay." After saying that, he put down his fork and looked at Jenna. He said in a low voice, "Jenna, Chloe doesn't come here often. Give her your room so that she can have a good rest at night. There are many guest rooms. You can choose one and stay there for the night."

He had been like this since always.

He hadn't changed a bit.

No matter what happened, she had always been the one to compromise and was the least important.

Jenna was disappointed and deeply hurt.

She even began to question in her heart.

Why had Gavin brought her to the Hancher family in the first place?

Jenna loosened her fists and replied sarcastically, meeting Chloe's provocative eyes not far away, "Okay, Uncle Hancher, it's just a room. Since she likes it, she can have it. No big deal." She didn't have to take a girl, who was going through a rebellious phase, seriously.


Jenna turned around and left, without giving a chance for Chloe to speak.

At the table, Eason put down his fork and stood up. "I'm full. Please excuse me." His face was gloomy, and he looked at Gavin opposite him with a baleful look in his eyes.

Perhaps feeling guilty or something, Gavin didn't scold him.

The night came.

After making the bed in the guest room, Jenna went back to her room to get the things she had forgotten to bring. Before she reached the door, she heard from afar Chloe complaining about the things in the room.

"The sheets are too ugly. Change new ones."

"The blanket is not pretty enough. Change it."

"I don't like this stuffed white bear. Throw it away!"

A moment later, she shouted, "What the hell is this? We are in the 21st century now. This ball is so naff!" Chloe took the old snowglobe from the table and threw it on the ground. "Disgusting!"

It caused a loud bang.

Jenna was frightened and ran to her bedroom. She then saw the snowglobe on the ground, broken to pieces. The pink doll in it was also on the ground, losing its vigor.

Jenna's heart constricted, and her eyes turned red.

That was the only birthday present she had from her mother before she moved into the Hancher family. Her mother had been missing for so many years, and every time Jenna missed her, that was the only thing she could turn to.


When Jenna looked up again, her eyes were filled with hatred. She walked to Chloe, clenched her fists, and said sternly, "Pick it up." "

Chloe was scared by Jenna's resentful eyes and couldn't help but take a step back. However, knowing she had Gavin's back here, she straightened her back and kicked the shards beside her feet. "A pile of rubbish. They will dirty my hands!"

As if this was not enough to provoke Jenna, she kicked the shards hard again and said with disdain, "Like its owner, this is really cheap!"

She was slapped across the face.

Chloe widened her eyes in disbelief and screamed. "How dare you..." She jumped up and rushed over, raising her hand. "Jenna Aaron, you bastard!"

With a poker face, her lips pinched, Jenna grabbed Chloe's arm and twisted it backward. Chloe screamed again. Jenna didn't let her go and kicked her knee. Chloe fell to the ground and was pressed hard against the edge of the bed. Jenna then pulled Chloe's skirt down.

Chloe squealed.

In the midst of her loud cries, Jenna calmly let go of Chloe, opened the window, and threw her skirt out.

The few people who heard the shouting rushed up and were stunned when they saw the scene in the room.

"Chloe!" Irene was the first to react. She scuttled in, pulled the sheet to wrap Chloe's lower body, and turned to look at Jenna unhappily. "Miss Aaron, what are you doing?"

Chloe burst into tears. "Irene, she blamed me for taking her room. I accidentally knocked her thing off, and she took off my..."

Gavin's face was gloomier. He walked up to Jenna and ordered her coldly, "Apologize to Chloe!"

"I didn't do anything wrong. Why should I apologize to her?!"

"Irene, she's lying. Why would the Hancher family adopt such a person? She's so bad..."

Jenna was slapped across the face, and her cheek, which was fine now, became swollen again.

"Bastard, I didn't bring you back to cause trouble for me!" Gavin's hand hurt, and his face was burning with anger.

"You did that to Mr. Sandgren, have him hospitalized with stomach bleeding, and now you hurt my guest. Jenna, is that how you repay me?"

Jenna covered her face and felt a wave of sadness. Tears fell down to the ground. She wiped her face hard and looked up at Gavin coldly. "Bastard? Just because I'm an adopted daughter of low status to you and she's a rich lady, everything she said is right?" Jenna pointed at the pile of shards on the ground with red eyes. "That's the only thing my mother left me. She is the only person that I care about and that loves me. I didn't do anything wrong!"

Gavin opened his mouth, and his eyes fell on the pile of shards with an unknown emotion in them.


"I won't apologize." Jenna seemed to have calmed down after the hysterical complaining. She said sarcastically, "I am not your biological daughter, so I won't be respected and treated fairly no matter how hard I try."

Because he had given her a home, she wanted to call him father, but he refused and asked her to call him uncle.

He had hoped for her to get good grades at school, so she had stayed up all day and night to study. Even when she had a stomachache, she didn't dare to go to the hospital.

He had wanted her to be a good girl, so she had always been sensible and obedient. She hadn't told him that she had been molested.

But to him, she was never a member of his real family, but someone staying here for the time being.

Gavin seemed to remember something, and his tone softened a little. He said softly, "Jenna..."

Jenna turned around and left, covering her cheek.

"Don't worry. I won't run away when I'm still useful. This is my reward for your kindness to me."

There was a loud crash of thunder.

The sky was overcast, and it began to rain heavily in the blink of an eye.

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