Chapter 15

"Hmph." Aaron snorted unhappily, hugged me from behind, and threatened, "I can forgive you today. But you have to remember you must make up for me."

I was so tired that I slept soundly and didn't have any dreams. When Aaron woke me up, it was already very bright outside.

"What time is it?" I rubbed my hair and sat up from the bed.

"Just 8 o'clock," Aaron replied.

It seemed he had gotten up much earlier than me. Now he was dressed in a suit, completely different from last night.

"Change your clothes and clean yourself, then come over for breakfast." Aaron put a paper bag in front of me, in which were the clothes hung with tags. I even saw the underwear.

"When did you buy these?" I was surprised.

(Most shopping malls don't open until after 9 o'clock. They should be closed now.)

"I asked the hotel staff to buy them just now," Aaron answered.

I was still curious about why the hotel staff could buy international brands only available at the mall so early. I was sure that Aaron did not know the answer, so I did not continue to ask. I took the bag into the bathroom and changed my clothes.

What surprised me even more was that these clothes were all in my size.

Aaron explained, "I know which size you're wearing by my hands."

Seeing his proud expression, I would rather I didn't ask this question.

Aaron changed the medicine on my feet and helped me down the stairs slowly.

As soon as we left the hotel, the waiter handed Aaron his car key and led us to the position where we parked.

Aaron opened the door of the passenger seat and motioned for me to sit in. I quickly waved my hand and said, "I'll just take a taxi myself. You should go to work. Don't be late."

Aaron stood straight by the door, looked down at me with one hand in his pocket, and said coldly, "If you don't want me to carry you into the car in front of so many people, get in by yourself."

There were a lot of passers and cars around the entrance of the hotel. I knew that Aaron was serious, so I glared at him and bent down to get into the car.

When I fastened my seat belt, Aaron closed my door and went around the head of the car to the driver's seat.

He smiled and looked in a good mood.

When we arrived at the TV station, Aaron wanted to send me in. I made various excuses and even begged him, but he kept refusing me. After about ten minutes, I saw my colleague. Only then did he unlock the door and let me out of the car. He also told me to go upstairs with that colleague and stay with others after work until he came to pick me up.

At first, I felt that he was like my grandma and too nervous, but when I went upstairs and sat in my seat, I realized that he might be worried that Henry would seek revenge on me.

I took out my phone and opened WhatsApp and found Aaron. On the first night when we had sex at the seaside villa, he forcefully approved his friend's request on my phone when I couldn't refuse him.

I entered "Thank you" in the dialog box, but after hesitating for a long time, I still didn't send it out.

These two words failed to express my gratitude to him.

I was still hesitating when I received Aaron's message, "Don't, go, out, for, news.", which was followed by a smile.

I despised his nag in my heart, but my fingers honestly knocked on the screen, "I see." Then I clicked "Send."

My editor-in-chief, Josephine MacBain, Had been my direct leader since I entered the TV station and we had a good relationship. Last year, she was promoted. That didn't have any impact on our intimacy.

I just told her about my feet, and before I could say anything else, she waved her hand and said, "Then stay here for the next few days and don't go out. I'll tell Brandon later and let him take Quentina to report the news. It's also a chance for her to exercise." Quentina was a new intern in our group.

I thanked Josephine and was about to leave her office when she suddenly asked me, "Amy, are you divorced?"

I paused for a moment, wondering why she asked this question. I never mentioned the divorce to any of my colleagues.

But since she asked, I couldn't hide it.

"Yes, it's been more than a month." I smiled bitterly. "He cheated on me. I couldn't bear it, so I divorced him."

"Good job." Josephine nodded. "I saw you get out of a man's car when I came to work this morning. Is that your boyfriend? He's much more handsome than your ex-husband!"

When I got out of the car, I only wanted to get into the TV station building quickly, but I didn't pay special attention to the surroundings. I didn't expect to be noticed by Josephine.

Fortunately, she was not a talkative person. Otherwise, I wouldn't even dare to think about the consequences.

I didn't explain myself, just squeezed out a smile and said "Thank you."

The whole morning was peaceful. I didn't have to go out to report the news, so I wrote a script on the computer.

At noon, I went to the cafeteria with my colleague. When I was waiting in line for lunch, I suddenly found that many people were secretly glancing at me. My colleague also noticed that and turned around to ask me, "Do you think they are looking at you?"

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