Chapter 6

Aaron was not good at playing cards, as he said before. She never won.

"Hey, Aaron, why did you do this?" A female classmate shouted in surprise when she saw Aaron's cards.

Another female classmate and I looked over subconsciously. Aaron lowered her eyes and ruffled the cards in front of her. She said lightly, "Really? You didn't see it clearly."

This excuse was too clumsy. I stared at him with mixed feelings.

"You two didn't cheat, did you?" The two females looked at Aaron and me doubtfully.

"No," I quickly denied it.

"Amy and I haven't seen each other since we graduated. How can we cheat?" Aaron glanced at me, and the meaningful look in his eyes made me immediately turn away in panic.

The two female classmates smiled awkwardly, and one of them said, "Not only Amy, but most of us here see you for the first time since graduation."

Aaron showed a faint smile but did not answer.

The other asked curiously, "Speaking of which, we haven't heard about you since graduation. Have you been in S City all these years?"

"I received undergrad study in B City, and then came back to S City to work," Aaron replied.

"B City? A lot of people in our class have studied in B City!" The class monitor, who was "driven" to the next table by Aaron, suddenly interjected and called my name, "Amy, didn't your group in B City gather a few times? Why didn't you call Aaron with you?"

If Aaron hadn't been right in front of me, I would have rolled my eyes at her.

"Sorry, you're not in the group. We didn't know you were in B City," I forced myself to explain to Aaron.

Aaron didn't care much about it; at least he didn't show it. "No worries, I understand."

"That's right! You're not in our class group!" The class monitor suddenly realized this, and he took out his phone and handed it to Aaron after he found the group QR code, "Quickly scan the code! I will inform in the group of any activities in the future. You will never miss them again!"

"Sure," Aaron nodded and entered the group.

After that, he let me win several times. I didn't know what he wanted to do. After a few rounds, I quitted and ran to the next room.

It was not until dinner that I saw him again.

There were less than twenty people at the party this time. The class monitor booked a large private room with two tables. People could sit wherever they wanted.

A few of my classmates who had a good relationship with me in junior high school were all out of town except Ultraman. In the past, I sat with him at every dinner party, and this time was no exception.

But to my surprise, as soon as we sat down, he rushed to the bathroom and waved to Aaron, who arrived later than us. He said enthusiastically, "Aaron! Come and sit down!"

I hated that I didn't cover his mouth in time. When I wanted to run away as if nothing had happened, Aaron had already come over.

"The monitor called me. You can take the seat beside Amy!" Ultraman pressed down on the chair next to him and pointed to the empty seat next to me, talking to Aaron.

Aaron looked at me and stood there motionless as if he was asking for my opinion.

Under such circumstances, I could not say no.

"Sit down, please," I said, looking at the table.

"Thank you," Aaron seemed very happy.

From the corner of my eye, I saw him pull out a chair and sit down. The faint smell of tobacco wafted over again. I thought of that morning again...

My face turned red in an instant.

"Is it hot?" Aaron's sudden voice scared me so much that my hand trembled and I almost knocked over the teacup in front of me.

"Be careful," Aaron smiled as he moved my teacup away.

"Thank you. I don't feel hot," My voice was as soft as a mosquito's, and the temperature on my face seemed to have risen a little.

"Your face is very red," There was a teasing look in Aaron's eyes as if he had seen something. "If you feel hot, I'll ask them to lower the temperature a little bit."

"No need," I waved my hand, and he didn't insist either. He just looked at me with that mysterious eyes from time to time, making me not know where to put my hands and feet.

I didn't know how to drive, and I didn't have to go back to babysit. So, every time those guys would ask me to drink.

In the past, Jacob came to pick me up, so I could get drunk at ease and boldly. Now that I was alone, I restrained myself a lot.

"Amy, something's really wrong with you today!" The class monitor was rejected by me for the third time. He looked at me with more inquiry in his eyes, "First, you were absent-minded in playing cards, and now you don't even want to drink wine!"

"Did you quarrel with your husband?" Someone asked half-jokingly.

Because Jacob would come to pick me up every time, the classmates present, except Aaron, knew that I was married.

I smiled perfunctorily and said, "No, I'm just not feeling well."

"Not feeling well?" Someone continued, "Are you pregnant?"

I was amused by her fantasies. Before I could deny it, I heard Aaron ask, "Class monitor, do you still want to drink?"

The half-drunk class monitor was particularly sensitive to the word "drink." When he heard Aaron say this, he immediately raised his glass at Aaron and replied, "Yes! Come on! Cheers!"

Aaron also raised his glass and lightly clinked it with him. He raised his head and drank the beer in one gulp.

The topic was changed and the atmosphere became lively again.

I stole a glance at Aaron. Because of his behavior just now, there were obviously more people coming to toast him. There was even a line.

I wasn't stupid, and it wasn't that I didn't feel that he was trying to help me out, but...

Because of our previous relationship, even if I had a lot of gratitude for him in my heart, I couldn't express it directly.

When everyone was satisfied and ready to leave, a female classmate asked me, "Amy, can you give me a ride when your husband comes to pick you up later? I moved to the neighborhood next to you last month."

I was about to invite her to take a taxi when Ultraman suddenly came over and said with a smile, "Okay! But Amy will take my car later. You can come with us."

The female classmate quickly agreed.

Since Ultraman was willing to give us a ride, I had no reason to refuse.

However, when he drove out, I saw Aaron in the car as well.

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