Chapter 4

Dolores finally sent the address. Meanwhile, she said that Jacob had deleted all my contact information and I should be more sensible, stopping harassing him.

I didn't reply to Dolores's text message. After sending Jacob's things out, I blacklisted them.

After everything was settled, I ventured to go back to my parents' home.

I was ready to be scolded and mocked for not listening to them without refuting.

However, when I mentioned that Jacob had an affair with a female intern, they looked angry. And they were pleased to know that I decisively divorced him.

"You did right thing. We needn't to stand that." My father slapped the table. My mother planned to arrange a blind date for me excitedly, vowing to find a man way better than Jacob.

I was surprised and moved by their reaction.

I know better than anyone how much my father cared about his reputation. He felt embarrassing when I insisted on marrying a poor man who came from nowhere. Now that Jacob cheated on me, I got divorced. He might be looked down upon when he took part in some social activities. He didn't blame me but comforted me instead.

"Dad, Mom." My nose twitched and I threw myself into my mother's arms.

I went back to work at the newspaper. My partner Brandon pulled me out as soon as I got there.

"Come on! Someone wants to jump off from the WH Hotel. He's been there for more than ten minutes. If we don't hurry up, we won't be able to get a picture of the body."

WH Hotel, a chain hotel owned by the famous real estate company, was the largest and most luxurious hotel in S City, two stops away from our newspaper office.

When we arrived in a hurry, the person was still on the building. There was a lot of people surrounding in front of the hotel. The police and fire department came, and they had prepared the inflatable cushion.

Brandon carried the camera and got to work immediately. I interviewed some onlookers who came early. They told me that this person whose house was demolished came to ask the boss of the QX Group for an explanation, but until now, not to mention the QX Group, even the person in charge of the WH Hotel didn't show up.

"The rich don't take care of the poor." An old man dragged me, lashing out for ten minutes. When I finally shook his hands off, I heard another noise.

A black Bentley drove through the crowd and stopped at the entrance of the hotel.

People were looking at the car curiously. Although there were many rich people in S City, Bentley was rare.

A man got out of the car. Before he closed the door, a few people who looked managers rushed out and bowed to him with flattering smiles.

It seemed that the person should be a senior member of the QX Group.

Some colleagues who were waiting for the opportunity immediately rushed forward. Brandon and I quickly followed. However, the door of the hotel was tightly closed after the man entered. Several tall and strong security guards stood at the door, forming a human wall. Not to mention people, I was afraid that even a fly couldn't fly in.

Brandon proudly shook the camera in his hand and showed off, "I was quick."

We were far away. He focused as fast as he could and only caught an unclear side face of the man.

But I could still recognizing that person at a glance.

It was Aaron.

It was so weird. I couldn't believe that he had turned into a senior member of the QX Group.

"Hey! What happened?" Brandon waved his hand and I regained my senses from the shock.

"Who is he? What do you know about him?" I returned the camera to Brandon and pretended to ask casually.

"I don't know." Brandon shook his head and said, "I'll check with the entertainment and financial staff."

We were working on social news, most about the city, which had nothing to do with those business celebrities or made headlines. Even if they stood in front of us, we might not recognize them.

Less than half an hour after Aaron went in, the people on the roof were taken down by the police.

We were waiting for another an hour. Aaron didn't come out, and the other employees of the hotel refused to be interviewed. In the end, we left with regret.

As soon as we went back, Brandon sent a screenshot of the video to the reporters and asked information from the entertainment and financial departments. However, they said that they didn't know anyone except the boss of the QX Group who had many scandals.

The next day, we went to the police station for a follow-up interview.

"Did they demolish the man's house by force?" I asked.

"No! The Internet is so developed. Once it is exposed, many people will be involved, so the government won't allow this." Obviously, the policeman who was interviewed was helpless. "In fact, they didn't agree to compensation. That person didn't want to jump off the building. Anyway, according to the attitude of the person in charge who came later, this project is most likely to be canceled."

"Person in charge?" I perked up.

"Yes, you should have seen him at the door yesterday. He is young, but he is tact and polite to us." The police couldn't stop praising Aaron.

"Do you know what his position is in the QX Group?" I asked with intention.

"I don't know. He didn't mention it." the policeman replied.

I wasn't curious about Aaron but not enough to get to the bottom of him. After hitting the wall twice, I stopped asking.

(No matter who he is, it has nothing to do with me.)

September passed peacefully. October was coming. All the classmates, in S City or not, became more active and were looking forward to the gathering.

However, I received a call from John, Jacob's brother. He said he would have a vacation with his girlfriend and asked me to book tickets and hotels for them.

"Please book a better hotel," he added.

To be honest, I was surprised when I saw the caller ID, thinking that he apologized for Jacob and not expecting him to call me for this stuff.

"Have you called your brother?" I asked him.

"Why would I?" John was puzzled. "When Vernon and I came here before, didn't we contact you?"

I didn't know why Jacob hid the truth about our divorce from his family, but I had no obligation to cover up the lie.

"We have divorced," I said.

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