Chapter 3

"The betrothal gift?" I laughed out because of anger. "Jacob, how dare you mention it?"

My parents were sympathetic to the fact that his parents had to bear the various expenses of their two sons who were in school. When they came to my family to propose marriage, my parents only needed a betrothal gift of eighteen thousand dollars. However, his parents only offered ten thousand.

Of course, my parents didn't take the money but added twenty thousand to buy several appliances for my wedding.

"My parents bought the apartment for you and me, while your family didn't pay a penny for decorating and furniture. Pay me the rent first if you want to figure it out!" I counted with my fingers, "This apartment with three rooms is within the third ring, next to the subway station. It can rent for at least seven to eight thousand a month without utilities, right? We both share the rent. It should be three thousand and five hundred a month. Two years are twenty-four months. How much do you think you will pay me?"

Jacob's face was as solemn as a mask. His lips trembled violently because of anger.

"Amy, don't go too far just because your family has some money!" He pointed at me and cursed.

It might be that he had hurt me to numbness. Hearing his accusations, I remained unemotional.

"Is that too much?" I laughed even more wildly. "How about the money I've spent on you and your family for the past two years?"

I didn't need too much money, and I was not interested in managing the money. That was why I had never asked Jacob to hand in his salary card.

At that time, his promise was pleasant, "Keep your money for yourself. Anyway, I don't spend much money, and I will manage my money. We should earn more money and try to have children early."

Moved, I took the initiative to pay all of the family's expenses. When the holiday came, I even bought gifts for his parents and mine.

It could say that Jacob had never spent a single cent on this family since we got married two years ago.

Now that we were getting divorced, he could use all of his money on Dolores and their child.

"You bought those gifts yourself! Did I force you to do that?" Jacob was in the wrong, but he seemed more imposing.

(How dare he say that?) I didn't think it was necessary to continue talking to him.

"All right." I nodded, stood up, and walked out. "I won't say much nonsense. Let's meet at the court."

"Wait!" Jacob stopped me. "You pushed Dolores down and made her in the hospital. Shouldn't you pay for the medical expenses?"

I didn't expect him to be more and more shameless. Standing at the door, I replied without looking back, "If you have evidence that I pushed her down, you can sue me. I won't pay it all when the verdict comes down."

When the two of them paused, I quickly escaped from this troubled place.

As soon as I got home, I called Ultraman again and asked him to settle the divorce agreement within one day. I didn't mind paying a higher commission.

He was curious about why I was in such a hurry to divorce and even didn't want any of Jacob's property. He asked, "Have you fallen in love with another man? Who is it? Do I know him?" He was gossiping like those gossipy women.

"No," I replied calmly. "My husband cheated on me."

With some anger in his chest, Ultraman quickly helped me draw up the divorce agreement.

"Don't you need me to help you with your lawsuit? With my ability, it's so easy to let him leave you without getting any penny!" Ultraman advised me again not to let the scumbag go so easily when he sent the agreement.

"It's good to pay some money to buy peace instead of wasting my time on the court. Those people are difficult to deal with." I said.

Since Dolores could come to me when she was pregnant, she might go to the TV station for sadfishing next time. Jacob's family would definitely come over if things got serious. I felt a headache when I thought of dealing with so many people at once.

Therefore, I thought it would be better to spend money to solve the problem.

"Okay." Ultraman's said this resentfully, but he changed the subject, "Are you going to the reunion in October?"

The class monitor had informed the reunion in the WhatsApp group two days ago. Although it had been more than ten years since we graduated from junior high school, the group of classmates who stayed in S City would gather together almost every year.

"Of course, I will go there," I replied.

In the past, Jacob's two younger brothers would come over in October. I naturally had to accompany them as their sister-in-law. Last year, I also missed the reunion because of this. Now that I was going to divorce Jacob, I didn't have to worry about his younger brothers anymore.

The next afternoon, Jacob and Dolores met me at the court entrance.

She held Jacob's arm tightly and demonstrated to me proudly.

Seeing her like this, I felt it was so ridiculous. What a bitch she was! How could she be proud of stealing someone else's husband?

He read the divorce agreement carefully twice to ensure that I didn't trick him. When he confirmed it, he signed his name.

The court was not busy today, with only a few people coming to divorce. We soon got the divorce certificate and left. Jacob said, "I'll go back with you and take my things away."

"No." I rejected him. "I've packed all your things. Give me your address. I'll send it to you later."

"That is not good!" Dolores shouted excitedly. "Who knows if you'll secretly keep something valuable!"

I sneered. "You can ask Jacob if he has anything valuable?"

Jacob had always bought cheap goods worth tens or hundreds of dollars for himself, except for a laptop worth ten thousand.

I had bought him something more expensive, but he had blamed me a few times for it.

He looked a little embarrassed when he hugged Dolores and coaxed her gently, "It's good not to go there. Let's go home early and rest. You have just been discharged from the hospital, and the doctor also said that you have to pay more attention to the first three months and rest more."

"Okay." Dolores immediately changed her face and answered obediently.

Perhaps, it was because the marriage ended. They had become more and more intimate in public and directly ignored me, the ex-life.

However, I was not in the mood to stay and watch what they would do.

"I'm leaving. Don't forget to send me your address." I reached out to stop a taxi passing by before Jacob could respond.

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