Chapter 2

I couldn't remember what happened after that. It was already the next morning when my consciousness backed up.

I wanted to leave while Aaron was asleep, but as soon as I took his arm off my waist, he opened his eyes as if sensing my move.

I paused, feeling flustered.

"Woke up?" He smiled faintly with his dark eyes surprisingly bright.

Before I could answer, he pulled me back into his arms.

I hurriedly pushed him away, but I had no strength at all.

"You were so drunk yesterday that you probably don't remember what happened, but it doesn't matter."

"Ah," I exclaimed subconsciously.

His smile broadened.

Fortunately, Aaron didn't force me this time but lifted the quilt and got up.

"Then take a rest. I'll take a shower and buy you breakfast."

I didn't wait for him to finish his shower. After taking all the money in my wallet and putting it neatly on the bed, I left.

Coming out of the nightclub, I stopped a taxi and went straight home. Everything in the living room was the same as when I left yesterday, which meant Jacob had not returned.

It was Sunday. I didn't know if he worked overtime or stayed with Dolores, but they had nothing to do with me.

I scolded and felt better after I found I would never see Aaron again.

I thought about many things this hour, such as my past and future with Jacob.

We were college alumni. He studied computer science, and I majored in journalism. At a party organized by the two academies, he took the initiative to ask me for my Facebook and asked me out for dinner and a few movies. After that, we naturally got together.

Several boys chased me back then, who were all the better than Jacob, but I chose him for his honesty. He came from a small county and devoted himself to his studies, and he was not as scheming as other boys.

I fell in love with him for two years and got married as soon as I graduated. My parents were not satisfied with his family, but I persuaded them that the most important thing for a man was his character and ability. In addition, Jacob was good to me at that time, so they reluctantly agreed.

It turned out that we were all wrong.

The divorce was imperative after what happened yesterday. Fortunately, it was easy and non-aftermath to divide the property since we had no children.

When I checked my phone, there were no missed calls, and all the messages that popped up came from several TV program groups.

I dialed the number of my junior high school classmate to consult, Ultraman Lamp, who had a good relationship with me and was now a famous divorce lawyer. Later, I texted Jacob, "Where are you? Let's talk."

He replied to me in the afternoon, saying he couldn't leave the hospital and I could go to him if I wanted to talk.

Although I didn't want to see them flirting, I didn't want to delay the divorce any longer, so I took a taxi to the First Hospital.

Dolores lived in the ordinary ward divided into three people, but there was only her now. Jacob held a piece of cake and fed it to Dolores bit by bit when I went in. He coaxed softly, "Baby, take another bite, ah."

I thought I could be indifferent, but my heart couldn't resist aching when I saw the scene.

After I knocked twice, they immediately focused on me.

Jacob probably told Dolores in advance that neither of them showed any surprise when they saw me.

"Hey." Jacob stopped smiling, and his face darkened a lot.

He put the cake on the bedside table, pointed to a chair not far away and said, "Have a seat."

I said bluntly, "Let's get a divorce."

He might have expected that I came for this, so he nodded calmly. "Okay."

I showed a vacant smile, ignoring the glaring smile on Dolores's face, and said, "I don't want your money. You can take away anything you have bought. As long as you go to the bureau tomorrow afternoon and we get the divorce certificate, I can quickly make room for someone."

I just wanted a divorce as soon as possible, so I was so generous, but I didn't expect Jacob to be ungrateful.

"I should take the money because I earned it."

As I was shocked at his shamelessness, he added, "Since you want a divorce, you should return the betrothal gifts."

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