Chapter 8

I humiliated Vernon, and then he left resentfully. I went upstairs to click WhatsApp and saw a friend request from Aaron.

He applied his real name as his nickname on WhatsApp with a random landscape picture as his avatar.

I refused him in the end after a long time of hesitation. (I don't think we have any reason to be in contact.)

Then, I sent a message to Blanche and asked her if she had any plans for the next few days.

Although I had warned Vernon, it was hard to guarantee that the Cushen family would not come forward and make some trouble. I decided to go out and hide to avoid harassment.

It wasn't until noon the next day that Blanche replied, "I'm in H City. I'll be back on the 7th. What's wrong?"

She often went on business trips all over the country, with no exception on holidays.

"I wanted to ask you out for a trip, but now I have to go alone." I was somewhat disappointed to know that she didn't have time.

Blanche sent an emoji of "Sorry" and said, "I will go out with you on New Year's day."

I booked a flight to Y City in the afternoon, rented a small seaside villa, and went out with my luggage.

Before I boarded the plane, I posted a Moment that I would be on vacation and turn off my phone all day. Email me if there was something important.

Y City was a sought-after tourist resort. There were always groups of people by the sea on long vacations. Fortunately, the area I lived in was not a famous tourist attraction. It was much quieter and more comfortable without many tourists.

I woke up naturally every morning. After breakfast, I went for a walk on the beach and then came back to take a nap when the sun went high. In the afternoon, I curled up on the sofa in the living room to watch TV or surf the Internet with a laptop. After dinner, I ordered takeout and went to the beach to appreciate the sunset.

My life was full of work before, so I enjoyed the tranquility of a slower pace of life. Sometimes I even wanted to use up all the annual leave and stay here for a few more days--if I hadn't met Aaron.

I wandered by the sea that morning and took pictures of the scenery with my camera.

Usually, I was the only one on this beach at this time before, but my camera caught a familiar figure by accident.

I was in a daze for a moment. I put down the camera and saw the man walking straight toward me.

"Why are you here?" I asked when he stood in front of me.

"Why? Is this beach belongs to you?" Aaron asked. He raised his eyebrows and looked at me with a forced smile.

I was speechless to hear that and squeezed out a sentence after a long time, "Then... You have fun. I'll go first."

Aaron blocked my way.

The salty and wet sea breeze with the smell of tobacco on his body was at me. I got blind to the wind and stopped walking forward.

Aaron pushed my hair behind my ear and pressed his palm against my cheek.

"You're avoiding me," he said in a positive tone.

I felt my heart beating faster, looking up to meet his eyes.

His eyes were beautiful, and his dark pupils seemed enchanted, making others irresistible.

I forgot to resist for a moment.

"Why are you avoiding me?" Aaron asked. He gently rubbed his thumb against my lips and suddenly smiled evilly. "Could it be... That you weren't enough that day?"

I was annoyed and embarrassed. I patted his hand away and said firmly, "It was just an accident. We have nothing to do with each other. I don't want to play this game with you anymore."

"Have nothing to do with each other?" Aaron deepened his smile. "Amy, you're so ruthless."

Hearing the word, I actually wanted to laugh.

"Your accusation is not valid," I retorted righteously.

"Aaron, you are such a lame liar, right?" I glared at him and mercilessly cut through his lie, "You're obviously an employee of the QX Group. Why are you pretending?"

"Hiss." Aaron gasped trembling all over his body, and his voice suddenly became a little hoarse, "There is no rule in the QX Group that employees can't go out to earn extra money. So..."

"You have to be responsible for me."

"Be responsible for you?" I suspect that something was wrong with my ears. Was it reasonable for a man to ask a woman to take responsibility for him?

"I'll lose lots of money if I get fired." Aaron said seriously, "It's all because of you. Don't you feel any guilt?"

(I really don't feel guilty at all.)

"I have no duty to be responsible for you. I don't want this to happen either, and I have paid my share of the bill. I think you should go to the owner of the nightclub. After all, it is a kind of " injury at work" to some extent." I tried my best to reason with him peacefully.

But it turned out that he couldn't be reasoned with.

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