Chapter 15

Emily’s POV

“I just so happened to be in that club because I needed a drink. The guy I’m currently seeing ditched me and I didn’t even have his number to call him. I decided to grab dinner by myself and then headed to the closes club which happened to be the one where I found you.

He glared at the room, “Yeah, it’s my club. I had a fucking long day and I forgot to call you. I apologize for being human and hoping to take care of some business before I fucked you into oblivion for a weekend.

My jaw fell to the ground and I glared at him. “Fuck me into oblivion? Where the fuck do you think you can come and talk to me like that. You invited me if you had too much business you shouldn’t have suggested the weekend. I didn’t ask for it.

One second we were glaring at each other and the next we were on top of each other. Our teeth clashed and I tugged at his hair. He pushed me against the wall and bit my lip hard enough for it to bleed because I could taste the metallic in my mouth.

An unexpected moan left my lips. Fuck this was hot. I scratched his back causing him to groan and tug his shirt over his head. I grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head, leaving me in nothing but red lace panties. My naked body was rubbing against his.

He pressed his hard-on against me and I rubbed myself up and down. I knew this was going to be a quick and hard fuck. He nipped at my nipples as I zipped down his jeans and pushed them just low enough to bring his dick out. He grabbed a condom out of his back pocket with one hand and I grabbed it from him. While sliding it onto him he tugged my panties to the side and press one digit inside of me.

I could feel myself clench against him in surprise of how wet I was. Neither of us said a word as he pulled his finger out and roughly pushed into me. I pinched my eyes in pain for just a second. I wasn’t warmed up and it was a tight fit even with foreplay. He groaned and started thrusting faster and harder. I gasped and struggled to hang on. My arms were wrapped around his neck and my legs were around his hips.

It was torture but it was also pleasure, and with a few swift, hard, and fast trusts, I was hanging onto the edge of an orgasm. I didn’t want to let go just yet. He hissed as I clenched around his hard length. “Fuck! Emily.” I moaned at the sweet sound of my name on his lips.

I tried to hold on longer, but this torture session was getting to me. I sank my teeth into his shoulder and let go. It was honestly the best orgasm I’ve had in years. He jerked and groaned. “Shit.” He stayed inside of me as his length grew soft and I release his shoulder, staring at the teeth marks on his shoulder. Secretly smirking, I dragged my tongue over the mark and he jerked inside of me.

Shaking his head he pulled out of me and I winced. Wild, hot sex was great in the moment, but the second he left me, my legs were jelly, my hips were hurting and I could still feel him inside of me. He didn’t let me go and I stared down at his condom covered length. “That was the first causal relationship argument I’ve ever had,” I stated and winced when I tried to walk to the bathroom to clean myself.

“This is my first causal relationship.” I stared up at him and nodded, “Just one of the many firsts.” He waited for me as I cleaned myself up in the bathroom and grabbed a new pair of panties and pajamas. I found Alexei on my couch, holding the empty bottle of wine in his hand. I rolled my eyes at him and took a seat next to him. He heard my wince as I sat down. I think I might have bruises.

He had pulled his shirt back on and threw the condom away. “We need to talk.” I sighed in frustration. If he was the one to suggest it I knew that I just had to listen. He rubbed his hand over his head.

“I had a long and busy day. I didn’t have time to call you and I’m sorry about that. I always go to my club after a long day and drown my sorrows. That stripper is new, otherwise, she would have known I don’t take dances from my employees. But it was my fault because I didn’t say yes or no. After she asked, my thoughts went straight back to my work and to you. I had a hard-on because I was thinking about last night and the upcoming weekend.

I bit my lip to stop myself from talking. “When I realized the time I went to push her off but she fell into me. And then there you were. At the worst possible time and place.

I shook my head and stood up to pace the floor. “I overreacted. I’ll admit that. Apparently this causal thing is a first for both of us. We need some ground rules, other than those we already have.” He nodded in agreement and I sat back down on the couch.

“We don’t fuck, kiss, or anything with anybody else while we are together.” Alexei nodded in agreement then looked at me and back at his lap. “Have you ever done it without a condom?” I frowned at the question and shook my head. No fucking way did I want a kid just yet and there were way too many STDs out there.

He nodded his head and bit his lip. “Would you like to?” my jaw dropped and I raised an eyebrow. I remember the conversation Caroline and I had. She said that the best sex she ever had was without a condom.

“Skin on skin?” I asked just to make sure I didn’t imagine the question. “Yes, I have a doctor. We both can get tested and if the results are negative we can do it skin on skin. I mean like earlier, I almost forgot about the condom. All I wanted to do was get inside of you and we need to know it’s safe.

I agreed and told him that I had a loop in. This was a method to help prevent getting pregnant but I knew of some cases where a loop fails and that was why I hadn’t done the whole skin on skin thing.

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