Chapter 4

Alexei’s POV

I rolled away from the woman under me. I sighed with a grin resting on my face. She was out of breath and winced when I pulled out of her. She ran a hand down my chest and kissed my chest. “Amazing.” She stated and I nodded before getting out of the bed.

I wanted to prevent the whole let's go another round or can we cuddle conversation. It was already 9 am and I needed to get back to work. She sat up and huffed. I guess she knew me getting out of bed meant that it was time for her to leave.

Walking to the bathroom I started the shower. The shower quickly heated up and soon steam covered the bathroom. The door opened behind me and I looked at the woman behind me. She was gorgeous.

Her long legs and lean body was naked. She ran her fingers through her hair before biting her lip. “Alexei, Please.” I sighed and decided one more time wouldn’t be too bad. She walked into the shower with me and I licked her nipples before sucking them in.

She moaned in pleasure and wrapped her legs around my hips.

« • x • x • x • »

The door closed and I got dressed. She was a clingy one and it took me almost shoving her out of my room for her to leave. My phone rang, “Yes?” It was my brother, Michail Volkov on the line. I had ignored his earlier call when I had the girl wrapped around my hips.

He rumbled on about shipments that were late and that he thinks someone played us. I sighed and shook my head. “I’ll be there soon.” I got dressed in a black suit with a deep blue shirt.

I opt to leave the tie and wrapped my father’s watch around my wrist. I went to the bar 10 minutes from the hotel. I jumped back into work after I sat down in one of the booths at the end of the bar and flipped my laptop op. Calling Xenia was first on my list of things to do before I could leave. “Want to tell me what’s going on? Why is my shipment late?

Xenia explained that the police where checking shipments but they didn’t find anything. I gave an annoyed sigh and hung up. Next was calling my FBI rat. He didn’t inform me on a search and that was unacceptable. He needed to know what would happen if I found out that he wasn’t telling me everything.

He assured me that it was a random search and nobody knew about it. I warned him once again and he swore that he was telling me the truth.

« • x • x • x • »

After a long day, all I wanted was to go up to my room and relax. The elevator arrived and the woman next to me and I enter. I was about to close the door when I saw a beautiful blond walking my way. She was following a valet. I kept the door open for them to enter.

She glanced up at me before looking back at her phone and got into the small space. I stared at her long legs and thin middle. She was dressed in black thighs and wore a white tank top. She would have frozen outside if it wasn’t for the red jacket and white scarf she was wearing.

She glanced at me which I’m sure was intended to be quickly but she kept staring. I felt myself starting to smirk. The woman next to me huffed loudly and the gorgeous girl turned back to look at the doors. After a few seconds she glanced again and I saw a blush on her cheeks when she saw that I was watching her.

When the door opened and the drunk woman walked out of the elevator she accidentally bumped into the woman in front of me. The action brought her closer to me and I had to stop myself from running my hand through her shiny blond hair.

She turned, “My apologies,” her voice was soft and caught my breath. She repeated herself but in Russian this time. “Moi Izveneniya.” She frowned and I chuckled, she said the right words but her pronunciation was horrible. “No problem.” The elevator dinged and I wanted to stop her from leaving but she practically ran out of the small space.

I kept staring until the door closed. My eyes caught the number of her floor. I rested my head against the mirror and thought about the mystery women. I wondered if I paid the receptionist if she would be able to tell me the lady's name.

I walked out of the elevator on the 10th floor. There were only 2 suites on this floor. Luckily for me, there was nobody in the other room. My room was clean and freezing. I groaned when I remembered I never closed the balcony door last night when I got distracted by the women from this morning.

I opened my laptop once more, made sure it was plugged in before face timing my mother. She was in Saint Pietersburg for the weekend with her my father. They have married 33 years and this was like their second honeymoon, or so she said.

We talked for an hour or so before my phone rang and I saw that it was Octavia. “Mom, I need to go. We’ll talk soon.” Octavia was one of my childhood friends. We were a group of 5, four guys and one girl. You would never think we would be friends seeing as that our family history said we had to be enemies.

The conversation was quick, almost just a catch up between friends that hadn’t seen each other in almost a year. “Remember that end of March we have a get-together. Everyone is coming. You can’t skip this time!” I groaned and answer “Will you ever forgive me, it was once! Fine, I’ll be there.

The conversation soon ended and I decided to go get a drink at the bar before it closed. Switching clothes, I walked to the elevator and pressed the button. It arrived and I got in. The door closed and it started moving.

As it went down, level 6’s button went on and I hoped it was the mystery girl.

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