In the face of Hugo, Tracy¡®s intelligence was outshone dramatically by him and she felt that she had no strength to fight back. There was no way for her to escape.

"Mr. Danish, I want to talk to you." After entering, she tried her best to speak calmly.

"Go upstairs." Hugo said and went straight upstairs. Following him with a sigh, Tracy found something different. He did not take her to the study, but to another room. When a big bed in the room came into her sight, she suddenly realized what he was going to do and thought of his evil behavior just now.

"I... I'll talk to you another day." she quickly turned around and planned to leave when speaking. But how could she go faster than Hugo? He made a huge stride and rushed straight to her, blocking the door.

"I don't have time to play games with you now. Do you think I'm willing to sleep with you? If it weren't for Louis, I wouldn't have had relations with you!"

Hearing Hugo's words, Tracy suddenly felt wronged, with something weighing heavily in her heart.

"Then why did you bring me here? I said you had found the wrong person! Let me go quickly! Otherwise, my brother will definitely put you in jail!" Tracy said resentfully with reddened eyes.

When Hugo heard Tracy mention her brother, his eyes suddenly darkened, unveiling the unparalleled coldness in an instant.

Picked up and thrown to the bed with his single hand, Tracy had a premonition of what would happen when looking at the man who was gonna bully her. Overwhelmed by the devouring fear, she kicked and hit him in horror. This man was a total devil to her.

Holding her hands, Hugo was very infuriated at Tracy's resistance.

"Don't mention your brother in front of me in the future!"


Without any warning, Tracy did not even hear what he meant before the tearing pain swept across her whole body. The double pressure on her body and mentality dissolved her into welling tears. For a long time, Tracy's views on this world had been very normal and positive. The chaotic sexual relationship was the bottom line in her heart, which had been repeatedly violated by Hugo!

Looking at her tears, Hugo frowned and turned to one side.

Blurred with tears, Tracy was struck by a strong humiliation. She gritted her teeth and tried her last bit of strength to get up and bite his shoulder. With all-out efforts, she was surprised and immediately sobered up after the smell of blood filled her lips and teeth. She quickly let go of Hugo and pushed him away.

"You... why didn't you dodge?!" Tracy said, looking at the teeth marks on his back and feeling a sense of despair. Would he kill her?!

Without any words, Hugo put on his shirt and walked out of the room.

This burning pain in his back was nothing to Hugo. His loss of control just now was what made him the most upset.

She was still so dependent on Grunt. When she got married, he could tell which brother of hers was plotting against her. At that time, he didn't care so much. But later, Grunt further aggravated and urged her to divorce time and again. It seemed that she lived with Grunt after abandoning her child!

Thinking of this, Hugo swung his hand to hit the door of the study.

"Mr. Danish." Jason heard the voice and rushed over. He stayed by Hugo's side for a long time and knew the situation at the sight of Hugo's expression.

"Take good care of her during this period of time, so as to ensure that she can get pregnant as soon as possible." Hugo withdrew his hand and approached the study. Without turning on the light, he walked straight to the bed.

"Yes." Jason followed him and asserted that Hugo had something else to tell him.

"The heating in the house should be stronger. Make her some warm soup." Hugo spoke at a voice gradually calming down.

"Miss Raber is indeed afraid of the cold."

"It doesn't matter if she's afraid of the cold. It's mainly because it's not easy for a cold body to get pregnant. Her biggest task now is to get pregnant as soon as possible!" Hugo said in a low voice. These words were told to Jason and himself, "Okay, you can leave."

"I'll take my leave." Jason answered and walked out of the study with his head down.

Hugo looked at the brightly lit house outside the window, faint white light from the snow reflecting on his face. His outstanding facial features became more and more attractive under the light. The aching on his back from her bite was feeble, but his heart was in a swirl of emotions as if it was scratched by a kitten. In the past, she wasn't rebellious but very obedient to him. Sometimes he didn't even remember her appearance. When he learned that she abandoned her child and left the divorce agreement, he was shocked, angry, and confused. It was beyond his expectations that a submissive person like her could do something so cruel and resolute.

The next morning, Hugo sat in the living room drinking coffee. He had changed into a suit and crossed his long legs with his back to the window. The sun was shining brightly outside the window, mischievously passing through the gap between his long fingers to form beams of light. Atlas had been here for a while, but today Hugo seemed to drink this cup of coffee unusually slowly.

Hugo was focused on the financial newspaper in his hand. Soon, a tightly wrapped figure in a quilt went downstairs and kept straight to the kitchen, completely ignoring the people in the room.

(Eh? Why are the stairs at home so wide and long? Does the kitchen seem to be a lot farther away too?)

Tracy was in a daze. She had a habit of drinking water first when she got up in the morning, but she was too sleepy and often went to find water while she was half asleep. Over time, she developed such a skill that she could still sleep after drinking water, but she didn't know why she always felt something wrong.


A voice as gloomy as Satan sounded. She was so scared that her expression froze and she suddenly woke up. Only then did she realize that this was not her home. In front of her stood a man who had just raped her!

(This damn rapist!) She cursed in her heart and she wanted to strangle him. But when looking at the room full of servants and a few people she had never seen before, she realized she couldn't run away after strangling him.

"What?" She had no choice but to reply in a muffled voice.

Hugo put down the coffee cup and glared at her indifferently, "Go downstairs and put on your shoes in the future!"

Listening to these words, Tracy subconsciously lowered her head, finding that her delicate fair feet were very conspicuous on the black floor. Suddenly, she felt as if everyone was looking at her. (I just forgot to wear shoes but not naked. Why are you so strict?)

"I don't wear shoes at home." She mumbled in protest.

Atlas's baby face was as cold as ice. No one had ever dared to talk to Mr. Danish like that, especially women.

"This is not your home! This is the Danish family. You have to obey the rules here."

Listening to Hugo's deep words, Tracy muttered in dissatisfaction, "I didn't come by myself! You forced me here!"

However, she had no courage to mutter these words in a voice that could be heard by Hugo. Otherwise, she would be destroyed in minutes!

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